Monday, October 25, 2021

Entertainment Update

Haha, somebody restarted Polygram Entertainment ...

That's what I'm blogging about if you missed it or can't follow this page...stuff like this, anyone can buy an old closed business name and restart it.

Yeah, but you have to have a good company behind the name to go with the advertisement of buying an old business name, like I did that from working there like when old Polygram closed...I carried that stuff forward with me from working there in the past after they closed to University and when I started mine I bought their old name.

So there's some legacy to that, like I have a good business model anyway from being an SAP Designer....then I just applied my music industry work to that and bought some old names they used to have, then theirs some connection to the old one.

I mean I like it anyway when someone restarts an old company, I'm going into more pop music anyway with my store but I'm still doing the metal section so the main page is at and now we're on .

Remember, those are record store pages for video and record label press releases...later I'm doing a pop/rock page. 

That's for the record store on the smart phone, the digital store release material...that's where I am working now. 

Anyway, running the heavy metal section at the A & A Records url for the smart phone keeps the store open anyway for music press....for like when A & A Records is just a phone or laptop url now....that's what I bought the digital we got #6 on the name Heavy Metal to promote on for A & A Records etc.

Keep in mind those pages take a while to get going for video distribution, so that's our page for A & A Records that we're making for a digital store so that's pretty visible.

Now someone started up the name Polygram, now they'll get a bunch of we'll be watching that to see how it goes.


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