Friday, October 8, 2021

They Made Us Have A Forced Holiday In Halifax Plus Dragon Aventures Update

We have a new Holiday here in Canada now with the Parliament in disarray, it's called "National Reconciliation Day" or something, that's on September 30 then Thanksgiving is on October 11.

That's kind of like an extended Thanksgiving, then Halloween, American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas coming this makes it a pretty good Holiday season now where I live.

This new Holiday was supposed to start next year in 2022 and is a Provincial regulated holiday and some Provinces have the holiday and some don't.

In Halifax the businesses all decided that we were having the Holiday this year and closed everything this year on September 30 and made us have a forced holiday...with only two banking days instead of the usual three before cheque day this month in Nova Scotia, while New Brunswick..still a part of Old Nova Scotia but a separate region decided not to have the holiday.

So that's what they have around here now, everything's forcing you to do something.

Missing a banking day here, a refferendum vote there...back money never got handed out, prostitution laws never resolved...stuff like that, now we have a forced holiday.

I mean, I don't know how often this stuff missing a banking day to have a new forced holiday...not recently, then this unresolved political stuff.

Third Term elect Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Ontario will not celebrate the holiday although he took a vacation that day....then he just does anything now anyways and then when people say something he just apologizes and keeps going. 

Like ignoring the public..."yeah, sorry about that." he matter what the topic was because he's doing it anyway.

Now back to Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Magic see that game man, they're bootlegging it already.

Everywhere I go man, bootlegs's and that are obsolete so now they're bootlegging Forgotten Realms Magic Cards.

They'll be printing their own sets and you buy the package of cards which was like $300 Canadian, a lot of money here where I they start opening them up and valuating them and making a price guide for trading cards.

That's bootleggers man!

Today's value of the cards is only the box price divided by the number of cards in it...retail value.

Now people have begun opening all the boxes and created an artificial "price list" for the card / comic book store to buy and sell individual cards.

Yeah...and then they bootleg them and run off their own cards and sell them at the comic book stores at the inflated prices that they are making up.

Like they are doing this live on the Dungeons & Dragons game that's all aired on Youtube and Websites all over the internet...with people participating live in the game book releases and online game versions.

Now they come out and start opening up all the boxes and making a price list.

That's so they can run them off and bootleg them at the comic book store, then they use the price guide that they made to set prices.

I mean if you're selling all them cards out of the're not trying to play the game because you're not going to get a full card set PLUS you sold all your good cards.

Here is the point on this...there was NO EVENT after the release of Forgotten Realms Magic Cards to create that price list.

I mean right on the Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons game live they whip this price list out and start valuing their cards right back to them on the open market....with the game still brand new in the crates at the warehouse and barely distributed.

I mean come off it, they might be able to get a chunk of that set released by this Christmas....I mean do you know how many card pallets that is in the warehouse....hahahaha, you guys are idiots or what. 

It's going to take forever to get that game distributed because of the lot size of the card everyone wants one for Christmas even if they never heard of it...that makes it the perfect Christmas gift.

Whatever, assigning the card values for buying and selling and it's not even distributed through the warehouse yet for one holiday Christmas season.

I can just imagine, plus maybe Hasbro wants to sell individual cards mail order for set completion and then THEY can set the individual card prices.

Anyway, people making these lists and printing their own graphic already are bootleggers man...they are just doing that to print and sell their own cards bootleg.

I'm also having a huge Dragon Adventures my D20 Beta Game update and you can use them cards as the characters when you're playing my Beta Game.

Are them bootlegs ever getting sad man, who would want one of them.


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