Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Monday.com Update: Living At Home With Your Caseworker

Something must have just happened, I was writing about this a while back...where someone like me for example has this big education and doesn't work they can get you to help with your case file from home on Monday.com working with your caseworker.

Then you can provide live updates to your file and help your worker live throughout the day while she is at the office with your degrees and stuff...like sharing the work load, you have to stay home on a cheque and then she uses your degree remote though you at Monday.com to help with her case files.

Well I'm thinking something must have happened outside that I missed, so here's what I'm seeing.

That did not go well with the Hobos who then started camping out at the Community Services even piling cigarette buts near walkways in their protest of this activity though Monday.com , themselves begging the workers everyday for like two years to get them to take them in too.

Now in recent events the Hobos have begun squadding and bumming and moving into the apartment building with shopping carts full of garbage and junk trying to get in the ones houses at home from Monday.com trying to turn their apartments and houses into "soup kitchens" while they bum the caseworkers at the office.

If it's me for example this is what happened....what the bums didn't know is and neither did the University Graduate who just stayed home and talked to the worker on Monday.com is that after the Graduate's Grandparents if that was me the case workers after the grandparents died tried to move into the grandmothers old bed!

Then they wanted to take a bunch of women into the house at home off Monday.com and go live with them, that's after their family died and then they wanted the budget and money from the grandmother's old orphanage she used to run with the community services years ago.

Like in my family at the train museum...then the workers wanted the grandmother's old budget to run the community services office to help make the other people's cheque budgets and then they wanted to move into the grandparents old bedroom and take over the budget.

Then they wanted to help the graduate with their money and stuff and budget and stuff right at home with them off Monday.com and then have a bunch of women in the house with them living in the grandmother's old bedroom and the other relatives who are also no longer there anymore and have also passed away and stuff.

The graduate thought that they didn't even like them and were giving them a hard time all the time...then they tried to move into the grandmothers bed after the funeral and take over running the "estate" that used to have an orphanage in it years ago from the old rail road family if that was me.

Then they wanted to live their in their old stuff with the graduate using all their old budgets for their work at the Community Services, with a bunch of women living in the house with them.

Now there there is this big outrage because the bums tried to move into the graduates building and started taking shopping carts full of junk into the building and when they tried to look into their apartment the Case Worker was moving in to live in the old grandmother's bedroom!

The same house where they tried to force them to make it a soup kitchen for the North End Halifax and now the bums caught the Case Workers trying to move into the grandmothers old bed and then use their degrees and old family budget to make their cheques.

Now they are outraged so expect an incident because they wanted it for a free soup kitchen bumming and they were bumming the workers everyday at home and at their office, now they caught the workers trying to move in with the graduate over Monday.com and live in their grandmothers old bedroom with a bunch of women in the house!


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