Monday, October 25, 2021

Current Concert Scene

I dunno, I'm not seeing much advertising for any of that....then you have to go look for the listings.

I'm really not seeing much draw to heavy metal concerts right now, low promotion etc...I can't imagine attendance being to high or on the other end their being enough touring artists overall to make it a profitable music scene.

Here in Halifax you need two vaccine doses, plus a proof of vaccination to attend a venue, then they are implementing a proof of vaccination to travel within Canada and talking about making a third vaccination mandatory.

I mean touring in a band right now during a scene shutdown doesn't make much sense...then on the other hand getting out to a few fans with only a couple bands playing on the road is also appealing...just don't expect to be much out there.

So yeah there's metal concerts but it doesn't look appealing.

My band runs a promotion for record store retail, so that's one of my band drivers that helps me get my name for doing ecommerce and shopping carts, then I'm tagging my band logo along all the pages and doing my own distribution while distributing record label press.

I'm still isolating, like it's not even really open out there yet.


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