Friday, June 10, 2022

D20 RPG: Dragon Adventures Diary Update

Here's what's going on in D20 RPG this summer, you can follow along whatever way you want, game clubs, youtube videos, youtube rpg live game streams etc.

I follow at the book store release for Official Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Modules and Game Book Updates, then I follow along on Youtube on D20 RPG Pages.

You can follow my blog as an entry point for example, that's what just going on in my beta game while I play Dungeons & Dragons 5E live at the book store while I'm working on my beta game. 

Then I post all that information on my comic book blog, with links to other pages etc.

Here is where I am at in my D20 beta game Dragon Adventures.

I took all the TSR Dungeons & Dragons modules and combined them into one playable set PLUS have just now released a new rules format for Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons playable levels at over ability score 18 plus a new combat modifier system for "Unearthed Arcana" for playing giant levels, with the Dragon Adventures Campaign Setting Beta.

Right now this is just a bunch of lose paper I mean with a playable rule set and number system.

However, in the beta no final stats system has been decided on yet so we are playing the rule set open and then using different difficulty settings for the combat and experience point system.

Dragon Adventures has updated the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Character sheet with a second ability score number column 19 - 25 ability score character modifier adjustments.

This allows players to go from 18 to 25 on ability scores by using a new adjustment system that works in Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Game Play.

With this new character sheet system you can play in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Official Adventure Modules plus "Unearthed Arcana" expansion modules for giant levels with new dice roll modifiers.

This plays all Basic, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Modules and campaign settings using the Dragon Adventures Beta Update Campaign setting.

Basically I threw out all the rules from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and included them as an update to Basic Rules 1980 and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1978.

Currently the game is using difficulty level settings and players set their own numbers and experience levels for test game play using the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rule set, other D20 RPG use systems like Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 as their rule set.

Adding the extra ability score column and adjust modifier system all books can now be played on one system....Dragon Adventures!


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