Thursday, June 9, 2022

RE: MLB Yankees / Twins Game Last Night

Awesome game last night in the New York loss versus the Twins.

EDIT: Never mind them "major labels bands" getting on the blog in the last clips, I was just showing the mosh pit tape at the metal fest and I thought Slam Metal was playing.

New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins this week, game three tonight!

Yankees lose 8 -1, last week one of the Twins broke his shoulder or something and it might have been a career ending injury.

They mean in the MLB "worse than Tommy John surgery, can't fix severe shoulder injuries" and might not return to baseball.  

Archer the pitcher for the Twins from Tampa in the AL East with New York, they go on the announcement "perfect game into four innings".

New York walks or something to break the perfect game, after the Twins shoulder injury they hit Aaron Judge with the ball on his way into second base.

New York ends up with the bases loaded in the no hitter, try for sac fly or something and ground into a double play.

If New York got the sac it have been 1 run New York in a NO HITTER.

They miss that, the next inning they get the single on a "swinging bunt" or something to break the no hitter with a single.

New York gets the runner on third and sends him home with a sac fly, the play they didn't get in the last inning for the run they missed on the perfect game in the previous inning.

New York get on the board 1 run,  and they lose 8 -1 and the only run was the loss on the perfect game / no hitter.

Awesome game!

I mean, 1 run New York on the no hitter would have been awesome, but they missed the sac and got it in the next inning off breaking the no hitter!

In the loss that was their only run!

Too awesome.


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