Monday, June 13, 2022

RE: Summer Metal Concerts 2022 Streams

You just had the last Maryland Deathfest they said, now on Youtube they got the next one advertised as "Hellfest 2022" with all the videos pre-posted on "notify me" for the live feed in five days.

Now all the bands are out on the road traveling between places like Deathfest and Hellfest, I mean how many days is that going to take anyway before they get to the next concert.

Like, "luggin gear" and all that they said they were doing, right after covid....not me I went to the beach with a bunch of girls in bikini's swimming.

I mean everyone kept playing I mean all this time, now they're all reminiscing about the 1980's on there, not me man, I just took all the girls home when they showed up and cashed my cheque.

I mean why stay out there when you got a bunch of girls partying back at the house all summer.


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