Tuesday, August 2, 2022

X-Men Fan Script

The Uncanny X-Men was dropped a while ago, I got the url for my X-Men fan script http://www.theuncannyxmen.com  .

This is to go with my book series "Space Command" to show what my cartoon is about.

My script is "The Uncanny X-Men: The War Of The Mutants" see updated page at www.dawnforgedcast.com/blog

After getting his full power and memory back Wolverine leads the Uncanny X-Men vs. The Humans in a ten year long back ground in the Marvel Fan Fiction Multiverse, Wolverine's healing factor has turned his steel skeleton organic and restored his full memory now he leads the X-Men on an adventure into the ashes of "The Uncanny X-men: The Phoenix Saga" 1970's in 1983 after the incineration of Jean Grey Marvel Girl.

Reference material  is "The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga" 1970's / 1980's, "The Uncanny X-Men:"The Fall Of The Mutants" Mini Series 1980's, "The New Mutants" 1980's, "West Coast Avengers" 1980's, "Wolverine vs. Hulk" 1970's / 1980's, "X-men vs The Avengers" 1970's / 1980's.

Visit www.dawnforgedcast.com/blog to read my blog about writing book series and comic script, also Dragon Adventures D20 Beta Game runs on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and my book script Space Command.


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