Monday, December 5, 2022

TECHNOLOGY: What Is Digital? Like On This Page

Well, Digital is .jpg etc. 

That's the format, but I mean Digital like "Casio Digital Watch" from the 1980's updated with a tv screen on it and music player on the old format, with a new patch from today 2022 on the original 1980's model.

That's "real digital". in '70's metal science from the future is mapping the rest of the tones to finish the 1978 boards with new digital patchs to finish the audio settings and patches and add tv screens.

My digital format means the digital led light current...for example that lights the board up that "digital current" is present on all parts on the circuit board.

So the old 1978 studio audio boards have the '78 digital update from today 2022 to finish the old board and the rest of the television prints on it from the 1970's.

That's the 1970's heavy metal music with a brand new modern sound on 1970's digital led lights and stuff.

I mean digital when in the future of the world plus with people living longer there will be no storage space for obsolete media like cd's and lp's.....

Then there will only be Digital.

So on the old Casio Digital watch it now has a '78 mp3 and video player screen all on the finished original "digital current signal" on all the digital parts like the lights and wires etc. to watch real digital on an old casio true digital watch.

Then my project on the Smartphone etc, and pc is loading a "digital version" of all media from the '70's and '80's to make "virtual decades" in a Digital version on the pc and smart phone.

That work is not done yet! 

Internet pages have not caught up to date with that video format, but I post some to this page when I find good clips.


Digital means all songs and media come on the player like the old '78 laser disc format or something would be.

So on Digital on my pages you can live in the 1970's and watch all media and television, news and sports like it's still playing live in the 1970's.

On the "digital copy" of the media from the decades.

So on the page you go to the virtual digital mall and watch all the material for free, then you can buy retro products like clothes and stuff from the '70's and ' on the new one on the Smartphone you can take it to bed with you.

That's "Digital".

RE: Criticism of digital.

Yeah this is what I mean, why do all that when you can just view on demand.

Well on demand is on it too.

No I mean, when QVC Shopping Channel is live on the smartphone with the host on the page.

Then you can call in and talk to them on the phone on the show while your shop, like the tv show

I'm saying to make internet services more like "passive use" television with just a remote.

On Digital, you have to load the player first.

Then Digital plays live on an "Automated live tv schedule" with the virtual decade that just plays live with artificial intelligence help....just to have one.

Like a live QVC Shopping channel on phone just to have one, for the people who like the non passive system...where you have to load the player.

Then everything on there is available on demand anyway.

Digital is the live copy playing mostly automated so you can "passively" watch the '70's and '80's decades on the internet and phone like television.

Then you just look it up pick your date and that day's material plays live to you on the original television schedule or you can just channel surf of it.

Later Digital will be a television app like Youtube and Disney on the smart tv.

Then for example you can watch 1970's movies at the "Digital 1970's movie theater" on the phone, computer or television.

Just for people who like all media on the player to watch passive with no on demand like regular television.


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