Monday, December 5, 2022

RE: Career Advancement and Setbacks etc.

Someone asked me, I mean with my career in a big company that didn't go anywhere like SAP you still get a good education and the degree applies to other work. 

I mean today even though the first thing didn't work out I got the chance to do the same thing on a store and music / shopping blog or something and no it's not making money yet but I mean running something like that helps your financial budget at home by maintaining your income you're less likely to waste money, things like that help learning how to manage you money and stuff.

If you do all that you'll have more money out of your regular money by managing it for a store setup and you'll be more likely to save and not waste anything.

Then my main point, today I have the opportunity to continue with that work like SAP because I continued on my I'm always going to have that in the future, I mean if it's not making money it's still web traffic for band and music stuff, I just can't imagine working in an office like doing SAP stuff and then that is gone and today not having future opportunities like on Digital.

I mean I always maintain that so I always have future opportunities to work from home or start my own business, I just can't imagine not having that today like other people who left SAP type work when they didn't have it and took lower positions, they'll have no opportunities on future systems because they didn't keep doing SAP work in other areas at home, now some people don't have those opportunities compared to people like me who kept all their contract work on computer design for their own business later.

That's what I am talking about, my future opportunities because I kept going when the other people closed.

Edit: See, to show you what I mean, I am writing this blog while watching Christmas movies and stuff and my internet stuff. In the movie like in an earlier post "The Family Man" the couple gets married right after University and have nothing.

I mean it's thir first marriage....on the death rate statistics half the public dies at around 45...while average age was 84, old age is now 130.

So on the death rate table, some people do that.....they die at 45 in their first marriage and then wasted all their money on kinckkacks and didn't save it for future considerations.

Like with a degree or something that you can take with you.

Other people live longer and need a longer term budget and plan for living to 130.

They had to save all that money, like me at my age 47 this New Years....I have this huge degree and lots of future opportunities. 

So way down the road I am fine, on the death rate table the other guy at work died at 45.

He had no future plans, didn't get his work career path and ruined people's work like mine at the office.

I mean it's just one stat on the table.

Then my work got set back because of that other guy, now I have to start over and do everything all over again but I'm way better off today doing it because of my degrees and budget for being single.

So I'm not "tied down" in a marriage and can go where ever I want  and do what I want, like I don't need to learn all the characters names on the tv shows to have sex with my wife like with these marriage counseling stories, in those "negative relationships" they have.

Then I'm free to do whatever I want and I'm set in the long term, like after I get over these career setbacks like this guy dying and not getting his work done in the it's not a healthy situation.

Now living to 130, I got all kinds of time to record this for the planet record on the military's internet monitoring system "Escleon"...this post will be in the record if I make it.

Then I did all these heavy metal bands and stuff waaaay into the future from now when everyone today is dead on the low life span table.

That with youth rejuvenation programs today some people always look like their in their 40's for the rest of their life....that's the joke...the woman is 96 and looks she has to go back to the elementary school and fix the class like she did back in the 1960's.

Those are some of the effects of living a long time in the older age group over 45 and still working etc. 


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