Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Holiday Check In: The Family Man

Let's see how we're doing in "The Family Man" one of my all time favorite Christmas movies although slightly over profiled, is that your real house or what?

This is the movie that made me go away to University and get a job in a big company...plus that's what I was doing anyway.

When this movie came out I was just getting ready to head off to University leaving all my past dead weight behind me and throw everything into one new venture...a University Program.


That all worked out great though, unlike this movie no one would ever give any of that up to go live with a woman on a twenty thousand dollar income or something...I mean get with it, if anything watching this movie drove me away from that.

Watching this movie only made me want to succeed more, now lets do our timeline check in...I had the big job, then later I got robbed and the whole thing shut down.

So I had to leave all that, like before big money came...now I have to go back and sell band stickers and stuff like at the mall from before I went away to school.

Not like in the movie, they mean thirteen years later...I don't know if that's a long time or not for this kind of stuff...I mean running to the airport to chase some girl when you're about to be this huge successful millionaire.

So maybe thirteen years isn't that long if this is what people are writing about, no one would ever do that....my first impression was that her clothes were rented and someone put her up to that in a stunt from some movie set.

Like from years ago before you went away to University, so I like to keep track of things I'm doing to seeing how we measure up to "The Family Man".

Yeah, the job didn't work out and then I got robbed....had to move back home to sell band stickers etc., education working out great.


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