Thursday, August 4, 2022

RE: Batman Death Metal Comic Promotion

I'm just seeing on the reopening after covid a bunch of stuff going they need Batman: Death Metal vs. Black Metal out now.

Then all the Black Metal guys are going to kill the Death Metal guys, like down at the concert and Batman is involved.

Like, now they got no security or anything at the concerts...guys just get up on stage and kill the band members and take their place....anyway what got Batman involved is the Black Metal guys didn't get on the official band promotion because they guy kept saying it was closed lying then on the promotional pages it was just pinned on in a scam from inside on a real deal and he was trying to sell people the fake deal and hiding the real one.

Then you had to ask him to put your name on it and he tried to hold them on the fake one and hide the real one and then they all got killed by Black Metal in the comic, like with all these bums with covid and limbs falling off on stage and fighting Batman.


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