Friday, August 5, 2022

RE: Record Label Official Release

Here's an example of how to release an official album...On public domain release they put out "Forteresse" from Quebec.

On official page I shared the link to the public domain release on the official blog.

Then to put the album out it could go under "De Mysteriis Records" the label names after Mayhem if I wanted after I made changes to the record such as renaming it "Fortress" for an English version.

The label would own the English edited version but there is still a public domain version.

Then if I printed that and released it on digital on "De Mysteriis Records" for Mall record store release, wikipedia data is creative commons now and the old data would be transferred to a new .com like .

On I would post a band and label page and then load the record label and band data page on the closed url for the official promotion from their cds etc. and then continue the official enteries on the .net page for the new official page versions backed by the label I work at.

Then the albums released on De Mysteriis Records would appear at the Mall release list, or have a higher album ranking on google and digital services.

To continue the Mall promotion that I worked at when the old label closed, that's how I am going forward.

Right now the label GWN Records is only sharing promotional content for old releases, Collapse and public domain album streams etc. 


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