Thursday, November 30, 2017

Canada - The Place We Live – 2017 Financial Report

Canada - The Place We Live

Since we are at the end of the year I thought I would take a break from my other topics and take some time to write Canada’s Financial
Report for 2017 and the 2018 Fiscal Outlook.

Myself, being an expert in Corporate and Financial Markets I have decided to review and evaluate the state of Canada’s Financial Markets from 2017 and what is on the outlook for 2018 and beyond.
This report includes the most important topics that matter to Canadians and what we can look forward to that is coming in the future to Canada.


·        The new free telephone service available now and will there be free cable service coming soon.

·      The relevance and importance of the failure and coming bankruptcy of the Sobeys Corporation aka Canada’s Enron.

·        The failure and collapse of Equifax and the credit reporting system in Canada, and how Canada plans to scrap the ID Card and Driver’s License System.

These topics are somewhat complicated so I will try and keep it simple. Also note, when I am talking about these issues I am only talking about regular citizens who are adults and not people who are criminals involved in criminal activities.

These issues are not the problem of regular Canadian citizens, I am talking about everyone over 18 and are not involved in criminal activities.

How the Government plans to stop minors from drinking underage when they scrap the ID Card is not my problem, what also is not my problem is what criminals are doing if they are committing fraud or something, so when the ID Card is scrapped in the future if someone is committing fraud under a fake identity that is not my problem.

Those matters are up to the Government to monitor, not the regular citizens of Canada. So in the future you will probably not be treated like a criminal when you apply for a loan since their will be no Equifax or credit check since those Companies are currently in foreclosure in Canada and will probably be bankrupt in the near future.

Since the credit reporting system has failed in Canada and Equifax will soon be closed any financial company using the credit check through Equifax will soon be obsolete.

The old Government of Canada, from probably twenty years ago, has failed in their regulations to protect the personal freedoms of Canada’s citizens and now a large part of the Canadian Federal Government has fallen into the hands of the Equifax Credit Reporting System and Large Financial Companies who are currently holding your personal tax information in their private business.

The failure of Canada’s old Government has led to large Financial Corporations holding your personal information at The Equifax Credit Company who are currently holding your Social Insurance Number records and income tax information as well as information about your income and employment and they are claiming to be a Government Organization using your Social Insurance Number to prevent you from getting credit at their other business partners locations.
What has happened is this has led to the bankruptcy of companies like Sears Canada and Sobeys Corporation because Equifax was representing the Government of Canada by tracking your credit off you Social Insurance number aka Tax Return information.

Since Equifax has been holding Government Information from Citizens that is intended for your Tax Return what they have done is blocked everyone’s credit by using your tax return information, Social Insurance Number and Income Information, to make a credit report that resembles a copy of your tax return.

Equifax, then shared this information with other Financial Institutions and blocked people from getting  credit at their other business partners.

What has happened is all Companies using Equifax have lost all their customers because they no longer grant credit.

Sears Canada by accessing your credit information from Equifax, which is your Social Insurance Number and Financial Information intended for your tax return, has denied you from having a Credit Card at their business.

Since no one has any money in Canada, and with super high prices at Sears that no one can afford they then have stopped issuing credit by denying you a credit card based on your Equifax report.
Essentially, Sears won’t finance anyone because of the Equifax Credit Report, and their prices are so high that they lost all their customers because no one in Canada has any money.

What this means is that Sears didn’t want customers to have their credit cards to buy their over priced items because Equifax blocked your credit.

Now no one has credit because of Equifax and this has cost Sears all their customers. Now they are closed.

So Sears wouldn’t issue credit because of Equifax, along with super high prices that no one can afford now they have no customers.

If your companies prices are too high and you don’t issue credit…you don’t have any customers.
Then you are bankrupt.

All the Companies participating in Equifax are all in the same situation and have lost all their customers. Now they are all going Bankrupt because they used Equifax’s Social Insurance Number Information from your tax return to block you from have credit at all their partners.  

What this means is that Equifax is closed.

That is because they held your Social Insurance number for your tax return and your income information which is Government Property.

Then Equifax used this private information and shared it with their participating companies. So Equifax has giving information for your tax return to all their partners and used it to deny people from getting credit.

Now, no one has even heard of this that I ever heard of. The old Government of Canada gave Equifax access to your tax return information (Social Insurance Number, Income) and they then went out and shared it with a bunch of companies.

So if you didn’t pay your credit at Sears then another Company wouldn’t give you a credit card.
What this means is that all those Companies who used Equifax didn’t want customers who had bad credit at another business using Equifax.

Keep in mind that this only applies at business that use the Equifax Credit Reporting System.

So if you applied for Credit at a business that uses the Equifax System you can’t get credit if you didn’t pay at one of their other business partners.

Now they are all going bankrupt because no one can get a credit card their anymore and they lost all their customers.

They all had super high prices and credit cards, then they wouldn’t give anyone any credit if they didn’t pay their business partners. Now they have no customers because their prices are too high and they won’t issue credit.

They based this decision on information used for your tax return, your social insurance number. So what they did in their group is they used information for your taxes that was given to them by Canada’s old Government and they regulated Equifax like a Government Branch with your private information which is illegal so now they are closed.

Now your credit report at Equifax is now meaningless because the whole credit reporting system went bankrupt.

So if you have bad credit now at Equifax it is a garbage report because it was illegally compiled with tax information and only applied to Companies using the Equifax System. So when they obtained this Government Information from citizens they used it to block customers from shopping at their group and now they have no customers and Equifax has failed just like Sears and they are going bankrupt because they won’t issue credit.

What is happening with Sobeys Canada aka Canada’s Enron is they are going bankrupt right now and are closing.

Several years ago to remind you Sobeys Canada sued the Provincial Government to overturn the  Referendum on Sunday Shopping which the public voted no.

Sobeys sued, and the Provincial Government overturned the Referendum which is Unconstitutional in the Public and now we have Sunday shopping, which is great but it went it unconstitutionally.

Now Sobeys has lost all their customers and are going bankrupt.

What they are saying is that Sobeys is the second largest Food Company in Canada BUT they mean in size and number of stores.

Although, they have a large number of stores they only have 3% of shoppers.
So only 3% of Canadians shop at Sobeys and they are the second largest Company in number of stores so they have no customers.

They have like a million stores but only ten customers now they are going broke fast.

What is happening is they are writing off Billions of Dollars in losses trying to stay open and all their food must be going in the garbage.
So they must be buying food to sell and nobody wants it and they are throwing it out or something plus operating expenses.

They are wasting billions of dollars trying to stay open every day but they have no customers so all their food is going in the garbage as a write off or something and they still have to pay wages.

So they are in free fall or something, plus they can’t pull their money out because they are on the Stock Market.

All their money is locked on the stock market so they can’t close and keep their money. They have to stay open because of the stock market investors, then if they close and are sold the money has to go to their creditors.

Sobeys can’t pull their money and take off because it’s locked on the stock market, then if they close all the money and assets will go to their creditors.

On top of that food companies are not going to give them credit by giving them food to keep going because they will never get it back because when it doesn’t sell Sobeys will write it off.

Anyone that gives Sobeys credit to stock their shelves will never get their money back because the food will be written off because they have no customers.

Not only that, Sobeys is probably now uninsurable.

That is because what I heard is that all those buildings are practically abandoned now and people are vandalizing their property when they are going bankrupt.

People are saying they are going to help them write off their stuff by vandalizing their properties while they are closing and are being abandoned. Note: That big company going bankrupt losing billions of dollars a day or something outside is not a toy and you shouldn’t be down there rioting and vandalizing those old buildings because you’ll get in trouble.

Insurance Companies are not going to cover Sobeys because they are a target for vandalism, that’s because people will be down there breaking their windows every day while they are going bankrupt and the insurance companies won’t pay because it will cost them millions of dollars in payouts to keep fixing their windows and stuff.

No one is going to insure them during all that. They are writing off everything and people are down their rioting apparently so the insurance companies won’t cover them because they are a target for vandalism.

Now they are just a money pit with no customers losing billions of dollars a day something on the stock market waiting to crash and hit the bottom. They are in free fall and when it’s over they will be closed and be abandoned buildings that will be sold off and then all the “Needs” stores will be 7/11’s or something in the future.

That is also what happened to Sears and companies on the Equifax system are next probably because no one has any money and Equifax won’t approve them for credit in the Equifax Group now none of them has any customers and they are going bankrupt.

Equifax is pretty much finished off now because if your company uses it they will go bankrupt like Sears and Sobeys because they will have no customers.

Now what is happening is there is a bunch of businesses coming in and are financing anyone for anything with no credit check.

The companies coming out now are not even asking who you are. The new ones are financing anyone who will take their stuff.

Companies off the Equifax system are just financing anyone who will take their stuff like furniture and computers and that, probably cars. They probably just want you to prove your income.

They are doing this with no credit checks like Rent to Own places, BUT their prices are super high right now.

In the future because of the failure of Equifax rent to own places are going to finance anyone for super cheap just to get their money.

This will probably apply to any items that aren’t a car or a house. Like house hold and furniture items.

So you just go get your furniture and appliances pay as you go for super cheap because if they don’t they will go out of business like Sears.

In the near future their will be no credit checks, it will just be pay as you go or super easy financing store to store.

That’s because companies can’t share credit information with each other because of the Failure of Equifax and their Partners like Sears because they will go bankrupt from not having customers.

Now stores are going to be financing you anything super cheap and doing pay as you go because no one has any money and the Equifax Group failed.
No credit report now and the old one is garbage.

This is what Canada’s old Government said, they said that if person with a University Student Loan couldn’t pay their loan back like $40,000 then they would never erase it from Equifax.

That is not even believable.

First, Equifax is not a Government Organization so they can’t do that.

Equifax was given a piece of the Government with Social Insurance Number reporting.

The Government can’t say that your student loan in bad debt will never be erased at Equifax a Credit Reporting Business because Equifax is not the Government.

What they are saying is this, “if you have a University Student Loan and become disabled and can’t pay it then you will have bad credit for the rest of your life even when your 100.”

That’s what the old Government in Canada said.

That is not even a believable statement. Right, the Government is going to say that if you become disabled with a student loan debt in your 20’s then you will have NO CREDIT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Now they are all bankrupt and Equifax has failed and is no longer a real report. That was probably Equifax that did that when they represented the Government of Canada illegally or something.

Now they have to separate the Social Insurance Number from Equifax because none of that is even real.

This means that tons of other companies are coming in and financing anyone with no credit check and pay as your go furniture and stuff for super cheap because that’s where all the customers are at.
What this is leading to is the termination of the Driver’s License and Photo ID.
That’s because the Driver’s License, Health Card and Social Insurance Number are all the same number.

So when they ask you for three pieces of identification it’s all really your social insurance number.
In the background at the DMV your drivers license number is connected to your social insurance number, just like your health card.

So, in the future you will just need one card.
The driver’s license and health card will probably just be your social insurance number.
That’s because they both go back to your Social Insurance Number.

So in the future, you won’t have to show anyone your age anymore if your over 18 or your photo id.
You will just have a social insurance number with nothing on it.

Then when you go to finance something you don’t have to prove who you are anymore and they won’t be allowed asking you anything about your identity because of Equifax Failing. They will probably just get your address and contact info.

When you are driving if the Police check your license there will be no picture on it then they will probably punch in your social insurance number and then your picture will be in their computer and only they can see it. So only government staff will be allowed to view your government photo if you have to prove who you are.
So if the Police want to check your drivers license  you just give them your social insurance number and your photo will be in their computer with your info.

What will happen is there will be no ID card just a social insurance number and only the government can view your picture to prove your identity to protect your privacy.

Then outside you will never have to prove you age or identity to anyone ever again. Business won’t be allowed ask you to prove your identity, it will just be your name and address or something similar with no checks.
So business won’t be allowed to do a Government check on you by viewing your identity on a card to protect your privacy, then you will just give them your name and address.

If it’s something large like a house or a car then the house or car will be linked to your social insurance number at the government so that it is registered.

Getting a large loan would have to be registered to your social insurance number but only the government can view your identity to do the registration when you get a loan not the business.
They did the same thing at Equifax with housing, no one will loan you money for a house then they lost all their customers and went bankrupt.

In the future when you buy a house and can’t afford to keep it and have to leave your credit won’t be affected.
The business selling you the house will be glad they got your rent money for a few years.
So if you can't keep it then it was just rent and they get it back, but the government would have to verify your identity not the business selling the house.

Now there is new stuff coming out, I will try and keep this short.

The new free Telephone Service:

Telephone service is now free on your smart phone.

If you get an internet connection for like $50 a month  and use wi-fi then if you add a telephone app you can use your phone for free at home or any wi-fi hotspot.

So you get your smart phone and put the phone app on it. Then you can call anyone for free on wi-fi.
You can use this like a payphone, you put the phone app on your smart phone then when you are out if you want to make a call you just go to a wi-fi hotspot like a mall or coffee shop and you can make free calls and use their internet.

If you keep a small balance on your prepaid phone then you only need to use it when you are out of the hot spot zone.

So telephone is free now when you get the internet.

Get a prepaid smart phone, and then use it for free at home with the phone app. Then when your are out use it like a pay phone by going to a hotspot to make free calls. Then keep a small balance on your prepaid phone incase you need to use it when your are out of the hotspot area.

When is the cable tv app coming out?

On top of this, I didn’t check to see what is out, your blu ray player can run televisions apps.

What they need to make is a television app for your computer like the free phone app.

Your blu ray player has wi fi on it, so it can access the internet. Then the blu ray player would install the television app and you can watch television on your blu ray player.
For example, if the CBC and Public Broadcasting make a Television app for your computer like the telephone app then you could get a CBC Television app. Then your blu ray player can run the app on the wi fi and you can watch CBC on your blu ray player for free off your internet connection.

So, Major League Baseball and NHL Hockey has this package anyway. So if you can install the NHL Hockey app on your blu ray player you can watch all the hockey games on the television off the internet.

If CBC and Public Broadcasting did this you can watch them for free on you blu ray player.

If all the Television Stations make Apps for their channels you can install the app on your blu ray player and then watch real television over the internet on your blu ray player like the telephone app. Wireless, anywhere in your house.

On top of that, listen to this…if they take Express Vu or Dishnetwork or Direct TV and then switch from the “dish” on the side of the house to the G4 Telephone wireless network on wi fi then your blu ray player can pick up the television satellite on the G4 Smartphone Network.
So, if they switch the television satellite to the G4 Network for the smart phone then the blu ray player can access the television station through the tv app.

You would turn on your blu ray player and then search for wi fi connections…your would see Dish Network….then when you click on the Dish Network Wi Fi Connection then it would install the Dish Network App and you could watch Dish Network on your blu ray Player.

CBC for example could do this righ now. All they would have to do is switch or add their broadcast to the G4 Smartphone Network then when you turn on your blu ray player you would see CBC Television under the wi fi connections.

When you click on the connection it would install the CBC app on the blu ray player and you could watch CBC television for free on your blu ray machine right off the G4 Network onto the blu ray player.

This would be the same with MLB, NHL and all other major television networks.

That is what is happening in Canada, the Place We Live. Happy Christmas.


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