Thursday, November 23, 2017

Marijauna Brownies Out Soon in Canada

Weed Brownies Out Soon In Canada
The Canada Government is planning to regulate and sell editable marijuana products in stores like Marijuana Brownies. It might be a while but it's in the works right now they are saying.

So not far in the future these will be for sale in Canada.

The big debate right now is Mail Order Marijuana Products cross Provincial Borders might be illegal. So in you live in Nova Scotia you can't order Marijuana Products from Ontario because it falls under the Tobacco Law and is regulated Privately by the Canadian Government under Alcohol and Tobacco Laws. 

So you can only sell Marijauna Products if they have the Provincial Sales Sticker on it like Tobacco because of Local Provincial Regulation and Provincial Taxes.

The Government Regulation of Provincial Taxes on Marijuana Products means you can't order Marijuana Brownies from Ontario if you live in Nova Scotia because you have to buy them here and pay Nova Scotia Tax for the Provincial Regulation.

They are also closing illegal marijuana dispensaries in Canada and are opening retail stores to buy Marijuana. I think they said like 250 stores in Ontario, I'm assuming that if you don't live near a Marijuana Store you have to order it through the mail, but from within your local Province only because it falls under Tobacco Laws and you have to shop within your own province, so far unless that changes.

Stiff fines for illegal marijuana....$1 Million Dollars for Companies selling unregulated Marijauna and $100,000 for individuals and two years in prison.



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