Friday, November 10, 2017

Could the Toronto "Mystic Healer" be the next Boston Strangler?

Attention Public: This is an actual alert.

Toronto may have a serial killer on the lose. His name is the "Mystic Healer".

The Next Boston Strangler Could be in Toronto
This guy matches the description of the same methods used by the Boston Strangler - Albert Desalvo.

The Mystic Healer has used the same methods as other serial killers like Cannibal and Rapist Jeffery Dahmer and Albert Desalvo the Boston Strangler who tricked women into letting them into their apartments where he raped them and strangled them with their own bras and underwear.


TORONTO — Police say they’re looking for a man who described himself as a “mystical healer” in a Toronto sexual assault investigation.

It’s alleged the man approached a 38-year-old woman in the downtown Eaton Centre mall on Oct. 15 and told her he was a mystical healer.

Investigators allege the two met again on Oct. 17 in the Eaton Centre and the woman paid the man for a healing session and was sexually assaulted

The suspect is described as approximately 35 years old, 5-8, with a stocky build and dark thick moustache.

Police say he is wanted for fraud and sexual assault.

Recently, I have been watching a lot of documentaries and reading a lot about real life Serial Killers like Joel Rifkin - The New York Ripper and when I read the article the profile jumped out at me like on one of them shows where you recognize the event and it turns out to be a serial killer.

The Mystic Healer's profile exactly matches the profile used by The New York Ripper - Joel Rifkin who confessed to murdering seventeen women in New York City and drove around the City with their bodies decomposing in the car. He was eventually caught by New York City Police driving around with a Decomposing Women's Body in the Vehicle after they attempted to pull him over for a traffic stop.

The New York Ripper - Joel Rifkin
The Mystic Healer used similar tactics as Joel Rifkin the New York Ripper to lure the women into being sexually assaulted. Keep in mind however that all these guys have a similar profile and often they are caught by the Police and let go, I think this may have happened with the New York Ripper but I can't remember. 

The Mystic Healer is using methods more like ones used by the Boston Strangler who before he was known as the Boston Strangler was known as the Green Man and the Measuring man before being caught as the Boston Strangler.

Today, there is a guy on the lose using a similar scam as the Boston Strangler when he was wanted by Police as the Green Man and the Measuring Man attacks. 

As the Measuring man the Boston Strangler used as scam to get women to have their pictures taken for the entertainment business by posing as a Photographer, as the Green Man he ran women's doorbells at their apartments and said he was their to fix their apartment.

In both cases I think he then Raped them in their apartments when they let him in, later as the Boston Strangler he Raped and Murdered them, strangling the women with their own bras and underwear.

The Mystic Healer is on the lose in Toronto using the same scam as the Measuring Man Albert Desalvo  by posing as a Mystical Healer and then when the women went to the meeting she was sexually assaulted. 

According to documentaries I have been watching about serial killers and books I have been reading the Mystic Healer matches the description of the New York Ripper Joel Rifkin and Albert Desalvo the Green Man, Measuring Man and Boston Strangler who had three aliases. 

The Mystic Healer may be planning to murder women in Toronto and rape and strangle them with their own bras and underwear. Women in Toronto should be in super fear right now and be scared to death as they may be the next target of the Mystic Healer who could come into your home at night like the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez and shoot you with a .45 caliber hand gun or rape and strangle you with your own bras and underwear like the Boston Strangler Albert Desalvo.

There should probably be a manhunt issued for this guy right away before he becomes the next Ted Bundy who also used similar tactics to rape, strangle and murder women and then bury them out in a field somewhere in a shallow grave.

The Mystic Healer is using a mystical healing scam to rape women and he may be planning to then murder the women. When you go to see him to be healed....he rapes and murders you.

I did a quick check on the internet and there aren't many unsolved Toronto  murders of women right now but that could be the Mystic Healer, I saw two I think, or maybe they never found the bodies yet. Sometimes it takes Police years to find the bodies.

Maybe he hasn't started killing yet, or he could be in the middle of it right now like when the Police got their first  alerts on Jeffery Dahmer, or Joel Rifkin the New York Ripper.

This could be a sign that a serial killer is on the lose in Toronto. It may not be long before the bodies pile up if he gets caught. 

Women should be extremely afraid in Toronto right now, based on the the methods of the Mystic Healer you could be the next victim of the latest version of Joel Rifkin The New York Ripper or Albert Desalvo  The Boston Strangler.

The is probably already a task force in place and manhunt taking place based on this media alert from the Toronto newspapers.


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