Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Has the Mystic Healer Been Caught? Are Invistigators burying the story?

Google may be burying news of the Mystic Healer serial killer in Toronto, when I did the search today the links are starting to be broken.

Are investigators hiding the news of this serial killer?

Has he already been caught?

Did the outing of the Mystic Healer on the internet lead to his capture and now they are hiding the story?

Did the Mystic Healer in Toronto Murder over 300 women?

Is this being hidden from the public because it is so terrible?

Will I say all this anyway? (yes)

Will Jason MacKenzie write a tell all book about the outing and cover up of the capture of the Mystic Healer and make a hundred billion dollars????

What other serial killer information will soon be revealed in the near future?

Was The Night Stalker listening to too much Slayer when it came out in 1984 and it made him kill people?

Is the Night Stalker the Thrash Metal Murderer?

Did Slayer make him kill all those people in 1984 when Show No Mercy came out?

Do the lyrics to Slayer reveal the Truth about the Night Stalker?

Will I make a hundred billion dollars off the Night Stalker story?

All will soon be revealed as the Code of The Night Stalker is next to be unlocked.
Did Slayer command the Night Stalker? Will Jason Mackenzie write book and make a billion dollars?

Will Jason MacKenzie be the next be big Serial Killer book author and cause mass public hysteria with his wield and crazy serial killer theories?

Will Joel Rifkin The New York Ripper be the Next big thing?

Will these book be sold on Amazon soon?


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