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Could the Mystic Healer be the Suspect in the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Womens Taskforce?

The Mystic Healer may be the next Robert Pickton
This weekend news of the "Mystic Healer" attack came out and police have posted his picture, then I was listening to CBC Radio and they had a story on their about the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women's Task Force.

This article is an actual alert.

Apparently, there are over 300 cases of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada.

Could the Mystic Healer be responsible for the Murder's of Aboriginal Women in Toronto?

Recently, I have been doing research into Serial Killers and watching a lot of documentaries and reading a lot of books on the topic. You can't be sure but this should definitely be an alert for the public.

Something has to be done to solve the case of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women, apparently Prime Minister Trudeau plans to launch an investigation but Police are saying they don't have any leads.

From what I am reading there is a Task Force in place because the families of the missing and murdered women do not believe that there was no foul play in the disappearance of many Aboriginal Women.

No one is doing enough to find these missing women. Helping by promoting public discussion may resolve these cases of murders and missing women.

From my recent research in serial killer psychological profiles and based on past cases of serial killers I have compared the profile of the Toronto Mystic Healer to the profile of serial killers who have been caught in the past.

These are all public events and this is what the profile of the Mystic Healer looks like and this is also  during the inquiry into the unusual amount of missing and murdered Aboriginal Women.

These are the links to the task forces:

According to the profile of the Mystic Healer and based on past cases of captured serial killers the Mystic Healer may be the new Robert Pickton and be responsible for the murders of Aboriginal Women in Canada in the Toronto area.

Public discussion may help capture this possible Serial Killer on the lose in Toronto. This "Mystic Healer" could be doing the same event as Robert Pickton in Toronto.

This is the profile of the possible Serial Killer "The Mystic Healer" in Toronto based on other cases of serial killers that I have learned in my recent research.

In short this person may be abducting Aboriginal Women and Murdering them in Toronto in the same manner that Robert Piction did on his pig farm in Vancouver.

The Mystic Healer could be the new Robert Pickton and may have disposed of the missing Aboriginal Women's bodies on a pig farm or rendering plant like Robert Picton did in Vancouver.

In this is true, this Mystic Healer Serial Killer will have some kind of pig farm or similar facility in Toronto that he uses to dispose of women's bodies like Robert Pickton did in Vancouver.

In fact this guy may have gotten his whole plan from the Robert Pickton case and be copying his crimes and that may be why he hasn't been caught. If that is the case the missing women's bodies may have been disposed of at a rendering plant or pig farm in Toronto leaving no police leads or evidence.

My theory is that every time a Missing Women's Task Force is put in place it is because their is a Serial Killer on the lose.

That is the same thing that happened in Vancouver, there was a missing women's task force set up and later it turned out to be serial killer Robert Pickton.

Now their is a Missing Aboriginal Women's Task Force, which means there is probably a serial killer on the lose.

The Mystic Healer case in Toronto matches other cases of the behavoir of serial killers like the Boston Strangler and now Robert Pickton.

The Mystic healer used a scam to attack a woman in Toronto that was similar to one used by the Boston Strangler, then I heard there was a Task Force in place to find Missing Aboriginal Women and my first thought was that is sounds like the Robert Pickton case.

This is the Profile based on Serial Killer Documentaries:

The Mystic Healer used "Mystical Healing" as a ploy to lure a women into being attacked - This ploy is something that would appeal to Aboriginal Women because they may have spiritual beliefs like Native Americans or a spiritual culture.

The Aboriginal Women may have had their spiritual beliefs played upon by the killer to lure them in with some mystical healing scam.

In the case of Robert Pickton he was attacking Prostitutes and Drug Addicts, the mystical healing may involve some kind of Illegal Activity like drugs or prostitution and the Mystic Healer may be luring women in with money and drugs just like Robert Pickton.

The police did not say if the Mystic Healer attack was on an Aboriginal Women as far as I can tell or not but it may have been or she may have escaped. 

Just because there are missing aboriginal women it doesn't mean he is not attacking other women, the Aboriginal Victims could just be the larger number.

So if the Mystic Healer attack in Toronto was on a non-Aboriginal Woman, it does not mean it's not the same person.

If this the same thing as Robert Pickton then the Mystic Healer will be hanging out in run down areas like Robert Pickton did in Vancouver in the Downtown Eastside where there is poverty, drug use and prostitution. If that was Halifax it would be in the North End or somewhere. I don't know where these neighborhoods would be located in Toronto.

The Serial Killer if true may also have a lot of money and be using some business like a pig farm to go down to Toronto's run down areas and offer women money and drugs and saying he is a Mystical Healer which could involve illegal drug use.

This is the same thing that happened with Robert Pickton.

If the Mystic Healer is responsible for murdering women on the Missing Aboriginal Women's Task Force then he will have a business like a pig farm or rendering plant to dispose of bodies.

Then he will be hanging around run down city areas in Toronto like Vancouver's Downtown Eastside or Halifax's North End.

He will have money and been offering it to Women who are poor for drugs and prostitution.

He will be using a Mystical Healing scam to lure in Aboriginal Women by playing on their Spiritual Beliefs.

He will be hiding behind a business and be using it to dispose of women's bodies and using the money to lure in poor women.

That is a similar even that was used by Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy who hid behind a construction business.

That is the basic profile I am getting based on the Robert Pickton case. What I think is that these serial killers are learning to hide their crime by copying Robert Pickton  whose case is showing them how to do those events.

This may be taking place in other areas of North America but I didn't find anything listed on the internet.

These people are now getting caught because of the Missing Women's Task Force's which are a sign that when enough women go missing it may be a serial killer like Robert Pickton.

From now on when you see a Missing Women's Task Force you should assume it is a serial killer using the methods of Robert Pickton.

This is what is happening right now with the Missing Aboriginal Women's Task Force. There is also murdered women on the list but they may be getting smarter.

The serial killer may be dumping some of the bodies in fields like Ted Bundy to distract Police while he disposes of the rest of the bodies at a pig farm or somewhere similar.

There are too many missing and murdered aboriginal women on the list for this to be a coincidence in my opinion, plus their could be other non-Aboriginal Women missing who are not included in the list.

I'm not saying that this is the same event in every case of over 300 missing Aboriginal Women but the Mysic Healer could be the next Robert Pickton and be responsible for many of the victims.

My theory is based on public accounts of captured serial killers like Robert Pickton and the actions of the Mystic Healer, who is active at the same time as the Missing Aboriginal Women's Task Force.

The Mysic Healer could be the next Robert Pickton on the lose in Toronto based on these events.

Talking about these issues in public may help identify the next serial killer like Robert Pickton if they are active and on the lose in Toronto today.

Stay Safe.


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