Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Government May Start Issuing Mandatory DNA Tests To Parents Because Of Whores In Sweet Valley High

Geek tries to see if Valley Girl is Slut on Halloween
Word on the street in the latest gossip in Sweet Valley High AKA Halifax, Nova Scotia is that the Government may start issuing mandatory DNA tests to parents to prove that both people having the child are the actual parents of the baby by performing a mandatory Parental DNA Test when the child is born. 

This will rule out any possible future problem's when the husband in the future finds out that the kids were in fact not his children and stop future court litigation's.

In the case of Sweet Valley High AKA Halifax the actual father was probably the neighbor down the road with a separate family of his own. 

These rumors of Mandatory DNA Testing for parents come after a bust of sluts and whores living here in Sweet Valley High where their slut network has been exposed in front of the entire Halifax area.

Now a lot of people here in Sweet Valley High are not sure who is their real father.

News of this comes after a previous shocking story that a geek was attempting to try and kiss a Valley Girl behind her boyfriends back this past Halloween. Not much is known of the outcome but the geek may have also tried to father her secret baby behind her boyfriends back in  a Halloween costume which is leading to widespread panic and DNA testing in the Sweet Valley High Area.

In a related connection, the Halloween costume worn by the geek as it turns out was most likely provided by members of the Trenchcoat Mafia probably from the run down North End of Halifax.

Valley Girls in the area have tracked the connection to the Trenchcoat Mafia and they have determined through their connections that the Trenchcoat Mafia are actually Geeks and Nerds in disguise anyway and they have been caught hanging out together and lending them costumes.

The Trenchcoat mafia in the area in this recent shocking move has been caught lending geeks their clothes so they can attempt to kiss a Valley Girl at a Halloween Party behind her boyfriends back and they may have also been trying to see if she wanted to get pregnant and have a secret baby behind the boyfriends back.

This was in an attempt to see if the Valley Girl was a slut and see if she may have been willing join the slut network in the area. Then if the Geek was rejected to be her boyfriend he wanted to hang around while she was with the skater guy and then have a secret relationship with her and sneak down every once in a while for sexual intercourse and maybe even be the secret father of her baby.

His attempt was rejected but it has led to the bust of a slut network in the area here in Sweet Valley High because some geek tried to use a costume provided by the Trenchcoat Mafia to kiss a Valley Girl, now the network of sluts where geeks are getting laid at has been exposed in Halifax leading to speculation of mandatory DNA testing for parents.

As it turns out the Geeks are actually the secret boyfriends of sluts behind their husbands backs and are hanging around waiting for the opportunity to get laid when the Husband isn't home. This apparently has been going on for years and the geeks may actually be the secret fathers of sluts babies which has sent shock waves through the Sweet Valley High Area here in Halifax.

Network of Sluts busted in the Halifax Area

The shocking attempt by a geek to kiss a Valley Girl on Halloween has led to the exposure of a slut network in Halifax.

This is leaving men questing here in Sweet Valley High what people know about them behind their back. Have you ever wondered what people are saying about you behind your back?

This is what is is....they are saying that your wife got pregnant behind your back and your kids belong to someone else and everyone knows about it but you. 

Now they are saying they want mandatory DNA tests for parents at the hospital when kids are born.

This is the basic rundown of the tactics of the slut network in Halifax:

They are hanging out in the candy and party sections of stores in the area like at the IMAX Movie Theater or something. Then they are always having parties and shit and go around eating candy all the time.

Then they are luring people out to parties with candy and party food and then they have geeks and people sneaking into their houses for affairs when the husband is at a party.

Everyone knows in Sweet Valley High here in Halifax that this is the only opportunity that a geek has to get laid.

Then these sluts have a secret life behind their husbands backs and are all covering for each other while they have affairs.

So who would know things about you behind your back here in Sweet Valley High? They are the geeks, nerds and losers that are your wife's secret boyfriend and they have told them everything about you behind your back.

They are also girls who are friends with each other and they cover for each other's affairs when they are having them and your wife probably told them all your secrets when they were covering for each other in their slut network.

So now a bunch of geeks and sluts in the area know all this stuff about guys behind their back because they told their slut friends their secrets when they were all covering for each other cheating and on top of that they told all their secret geek boyfriends all their husbands business during the affair behind their husbands back.

The secret is probably that the actual father of your children is some geek.

The geek then waits behind your back talking to your wife for years and fathering her baby and then waits to sneak down for sexual intercourse when you are not home because it is his only opportunity to get laid.

He may even be married and have his own kids at his house, and he might also have kids in your house because you may not be the father.

Then the geek and all your wife's friends all know you are not the real father and are all talking about you behind your back in their secret life. 

That is probably the thing you wanted to know about that was secretly happening to you.

Now the government may intervene and issue mandatory DNA tests for parents because these sluts are wasting time in the courts here in Sweet Valley High claiming that some guy is the father of her kids when all her friends know he isn't and she's just lying and trying to get money out of him.

Finally, the sluts are saying they are having their kids with another guy behind their husbands backs so that when they break up their husband can't get them and she just takes them. 

Then the sluts are trying to make some guy pay child support for kids that aren't his and all her friends know about it in their slut network here in Sweet Valley High.

For men their is not much you can do about this just maybe get a DNA test when you have kids or something, and for women your husband may actually have a slut girlfriend for years behind your back and he may be sneaking over their once in a while to get laid and may have kids at her house.



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