Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Point of this Blog

This is Now Takes Place in Halifax
I just want to take a moment to pause and point out the point of this blog. The issues I am blogging about on here are all pretty much a bunch off bullshit and really, I don't give a fuck.

The point is this is not a serious blog or to be taken seriously. So don't get all offended or something and if you do you are probably an idiot. This blog is a joke and an advertisement for my band and book. I'm not blogging about some imminent threat and I'm just blogging about bullshit no one cares about and I have a lot of time on my hands to make shit up and go on about things that are happening around anywhere.

This blog is mainly on a regular basis about village idiots. These idiots drive me retarded and annoy me on a regular basis and have some learning problem or something.

The truth is these village idiots won't get the hint and fuck off outta here when I am out smoking and shit and they are saying all this retarded nonsense that has nothing to do with me and I don't care about it and I don't take it seriously.

This blog is my response to these idiots annoying me and I am super immature on the topic so I have decided to tell everyone on the internet everything they are doing until they get the fuck outta here and stop annoying me.

Then I am going to make up this huge story and use it to promote my new album and book that will be out soon. 

Since you are annoying me all the time I have decided to write a huge story about what you are doing in public that everyone can see and then use it to make money off you by getting everyone to read it to promote my record.

All you village idiots are now an advertisement for my new album and book, this blog is the story of how you are annoying me and what I think of you. What I think of you on this blog is true, I hate you and you won't get the hint so your retarded behavior is now a story for my advertising campaign.

This is not to be taken seriously, if you do you are a retard. A lot of this is probably true though, or rumor which is what I am blogging about and are all public events so suck it.

All you losers copying me and annoying me are now living in Sweet Valley High in the Halifax Area. I am the Cool People and have a Death Metal Band and Book and I am with the Valley Girls, you are the Geeks, Losers and Trench Coat Mafia.

This story will be about everything you are doing in public while you are annoying me and living in Sweet Valley High. 

It would help in the Halifax Area if everyone assumed a role of Cool People or Loser and when you go outside act accordingly and then we will see who are the Geeks and Losers when they pretend to be Cool Guys in a Band or a Valley Girl and Humiliate themselves over and over in public in Downtown Halifax.

If you read this blog and are on my side of the story your role has to be Cool Person or Valley Girl. If you are the losers you have to decide to be a Geek or Loser.

Then we will continue and I will write the story about what everyone does and the things that happen and if I get rich off this advertisement I will give nothing to anyone living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia for the rest of my life unless I have SPECIFICALLY told you in person, if that is you then you will be my servant when I am rich. Then you will wait on me hand and foot no matter what I do and then tell me how great I am not matter what my actions are.

New Glasgow is one of the home bases of the losers. 

All you losers from New Glasgow High School from when I was a teenager are fucking village idiots annoying me for money and you are getting nothing.

You have nothing to do with me or my band or book and I have always hated you and you are losers.

There is no "third party" handing out my band and book shit or my money if I had it.

Get the fucking hint, I have nothing to do with you and you will never get my band shit and money so stop going around saying you're getting it from a third party.

There is NO THIRD PARTY. You fucking village idiots are so stupid you think that you are in an argument with a third party about who is getting a piece of my band and book shit on "the other side of the money".

You are talking like you are married into my money and you are saying you are right popular and are going around copying me and trying to cash in on my band and book shit.

I am not married and I am single and live alone.

There is no other side of my money like you are on the other end of it. You are saying that a third party is handling money from me if I had it from my band and book shit in your end of the "arrangement" you are making up. YOU ARE A LIAR.

There is only one side to my money if I had it and band and book.


All my money or band and book shit comes from me. If you say you represent me you will never talk to me for the rest of your life.

If you fucking losers from New Glasgow High School from when I was a teenager look at me sideways once like you did with my Misfits shirt years ago you are dismissed from my future for the rest of your life.

You think you are in an argument with me over what you are getting from me all running around saying you are the other part of my life or something. That is because you are Village Idiots and Mentally Retarded and have some learning problem.

All you fucking idiots all running around New Glasgow at the Candy Sections all over the area are all having affairs with each other and tons of you have kids in other peoples houses and the rest of your family and friends don't know.

You are all out getting each other pregnant and have kids at home and kids with other women behind their husbands back and now you are annoying me for my band shit and book and money if I had it. 

If you fucking Village Idiots from New Glasgow wanted anything from me you would have been down at my house mopping my floor and waiting on me hand and foot years ago and now you are getting nothing.

Now you are getting nothing from me for the rest of my life because you are Village Idiots with a learning disability.

These days you think you arguing with me about my band and book shit and I'm not even in your life, that is because you are all retarded village idiots.

You are getting nothing from me and I fucking hate you.

I am the 100% owner of all my shit and it all comes from me. If you think you are getting it from someone else you are a Village Idiot and Mentally Retarded. 

I am not handing out things to give away like you are all saying from New Glasgow High School from when I was a teenager.

Everything comes from my house and YOU ARE ALL OUT.

That is because when I started getting somewhere with my Music and University shit, you all looked at me sideways for 1 second and started saying you were beating me up over my Misfits shirt and i wasn't allowed to wear them any more.

Now you are banned from Collapse, my books, my life and my money for the rest of your life for this infraction.

This is what you have requested from me for your life from my end and your request has been granted.

You are banned for life from Jason's house and music and book shit. 

I will make a living off making fun of you and then you can suck it.

You are now living in Sweet Valley High Mother Fuckers, now we will find out who is popular in band shits and shit, I assure you as you know it's not you. 

Now everyone is gonna hear it on the internet in a story about public gossip at Sweet Valley High, aka assume a role pricks because you humiliating yourself in public continuously is the topic.


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