Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sears is Closing and Sobeys Are Struggling and Downsizing While Losing Billions of Dollars Per Year

Sears Closing and Sobeys Failing Fast
Sears Canada is Closing which is a sad day for Canada and a surprise to. Crazy....Who will fill that slot? Let's hope it's Macy's because we don't have that here.

Sobeys Supermarket  / Empire Company who sold off their Movie Theaters recently and lost Billions of Dollars in a failed integration  with the Safeway Food Company and lost $3 Billion Dollars and now they have a totally new Executive staff there and are losing Billions of Dollars in lost Revenue.

Now Sobeys is downsizing their Office Staff because they are losing Billions of Dollars a year  because their office staff doesn't know how to integrate Safeway and it cost them $3 Billion Dollars in write offs they are saying and now they are closing it's regional offices and switching to a centralized model.

What this means is their will be no regional work at Sobeys anymore and one office will be running everything after they close all their offices and scrap their old business model.

They are saying that Empire their owner is a struggling business and that is Sobeys. If Empire fails Sobeys are gone.

What downsizing means is that they have no money from Sales because they have no customers and now they can't afford their old offices anymore and they are switching to a smaller office because there's no money or work there now.

Now Sobeys is just going be a bunch of stores run from some warehouse somewhere and they have 4300 office employees they are letting go at their head office and closing it.

Then they are switching to a small office with no one there like in some old warehouse somewhere or something because now they are so small they can run it with like one guy and there's a janitor there helping him out with his computer on an old concrete floor in Mississauga, Ontario or something.

Personally for me since I used to work there at their head office for the old Executives where I probably single highhandedly saved their failing SAP Computer System and turned their Company around for a few minutes then they wont pay you so I quit.

After I left this is what probably happened.

Since my work was no longer in their office their SAP System failed again after I saved their broke ass years ago when I used to work there.

After that all the executes got fired and they lost like 800 Billion dollars because they couldn't integrate Safeway with the people they tried to replace me with and now they are broke and closing their offices.

Just remember...I saved Sobeys old failing computer system years ago when I worked for the old Executives, then they wouldn't pay me for my work so I told them to suck it.

Then the staff they got to handle my work load couldn't do it and it cost them $800 Billion Dollars a year in losses.

Then all the executives got canned and they have to get the guy who ran the Canadian Tire to run it from the warehouse now and they are shutting down nine years later after I left, just like Sears Canada.

So long Sobeys office, that must be just one failed integration too many...not like my successful integration's when I was doing it for them years ago, now they are all fired. Nothing against the store staff because I still shop there, but that old office sucks anyway.

So long suckers, see you at the Dollarama.


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