Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Huge Sports Week That You Can't Miss & AFC Recap!

Tom Brady Wins 2019 AFC Title
This is a huge sports week that you can't miss so clear your schedule!

This week is the NFL Pro Bowl and Skills Competition and the NHL All Star Game and Skills Competition. 

The NFL Pro Bowl is the NFL All Star Game which is the AFC versus the NFC which is on this Sunday, the NFL skills competition is on tomorrow night Thursday. 

Then the NHL skills competition is on Friday night and the NHL All Star game is on Saturday night, that's huge all star sports all week!


THURSDAY - NFL Skills Competition - Thursday January 24, 9 PM Eastern
FRIDAY - NHL Skills Competition - Friday January 25, 9 PM Eastern
SATURDAY - NHL All Star Game - Saturday January 26, 9 PM Eastern
SUNDAY - NFL Pro Bowl (All Star Game) - Sunday January 27, 3 PM Eastern

Make sure to double check schedule and local time zone!

There is also a big NHL Game tonight they are promoting The Washington Capitals versus The Toronto Maple Leaf's, apparently the Maple Leaf's are having a big year and they're building up this big game against the Capitals tonight which is the last night for NHL before the All Star Break.

Huge Leaf's vs Caps Game Tonight!
Some Toronto Maple Leaf's history for you...Toronto hasn't won the Stanley Cup since 1967! 

That is the year of the NHL 1967 Expansion which launched the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers etc. so Toronto probably hasn't won the cup since the 1967 expansion due to lack of players which went to expansion teams and not enough money for top players in the new competitive market since 1968.

Apparently this year Toronto is doing good, I know that will be a fun fact for you if you love sports expansion teams as much as I do!

Make sure to watch the Capitals and Leaf's tonight as Toronto takes on the defending Stanley Cup Champions the Washington Capitals before the all star break.

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Pat Mahomes 
Back to the NFL...

The NFC and AFC Championship games were huge this year with the Los Angeles Rams winning the NFC Championship on a bad call which sent them to the Super Bowl, apparently the call was not reviewable but is in the CFL which may be added as a reviewable play at a later date because of the blown call. 

You can't say that the Los Angeles Rams wouldn't have won the game anyway, but they did on a bad call. That was the big story in the NFC Championship.

The AFC Championship was one of the hugest NFL Games I have ever watched! I thought this game was over three times, it looked like the Patriots were going to win then it looked like the Chiefs were going to win then Tom Brady won the game by himself in overtime practically and probably set multiple NFL records in the AFC Championship game and reminded me of a young O.J. Simpson.

Patrick Mahomes Quarterback of the Chiefs is only in his first full year as Quarterback and in his second season and reminds me of a young Derek Jeter only in Football, not only that his father was an MLB Player.

I guarantee Mahomes is a top NFL Quarterback ranking ahead of Tom Brady this year and was barley defeated by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and if he continues to play that well he will win the Superbowl so watch for that in the future.  

In overtime The Kansas City Chiefs never got the ball and lost on the first possession of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady single handily passed the ball like 85 yards or something in like three first downs in two seconds with no flags on any play! Then passed the ball in for the winning overtime touch down and became the first NFL Quarterback to win three overtime post season games or championships in NFL history.

Something like that, I didn't look it up or review the video, one of the best games ever that I can remember. I was sure the Pat Mahomes and the Kansas Chiefs were going to the Super Bowl before Tom Brady won the game by himself practically at the end of regulation and in overtime.

You'll have to look up the actual stats because I didn't have time to rewatch the game.

New England wins 37-31 in Overtime and heads back to the Super Bowl for the third straight year and becomes the first team to go back to the Super Bowl after losing the year before in 25 years.

Check CBS Sports for the Official AFC Championship Recap:

Don't miss this huge week in Sports and be sure to watch the NFL Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots Sunday February 3 @ 6:30 PM Eastern.

Be sure to check local time!


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