Saturday, January 12, 2019

President Trump Border Wall Issue - United States About To Declare National Emergency

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This is what's happening with the United States / Mexico Border Wall issue:

US Government Shutdown because Democrats refuse to back border wall funding, that means the Government staff doesn't get paid because they can't agree on the issue.

My first glance opinion is that the Democrats won something in the mid term elections now they are stonewalling President Trump on the border wall funding meaning they are causing the shutdown, thus ruining their election win.

The Democrats aren't looking good here, they just got sworn in this month and are just stonewalling President Trump on the Border Wall. 

They are the ones causing the shutdown, so blame the Democrats. 

Note: Other Democrats are stealing Trump's Political Platform to run against him in 2020 to get elected with their version of Trump's Platform, kind of like the Liberal's in Canada. 

The Border Wall Issue:

The USA / Mexico Border was just and old fence probably, people tore the fence down and it's no longer containing Mexico from illegal immigration into the United States.

Now they need to make a wall so people don't tear it down.

The Democrats are stonewalling Trump and not approving funding to fix the border fence or put in a wall. 

In the meantime tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across the border into California and killing United States Police Officers. 

The holes in the border wall / fence are in places like California near heavily populated Mexican Towns and Cities. 

Not only that, many of the illegal immigrants are entering Mexico illegally from Central America and then entering the United States and are also illegal immigrants in Mexico.

That is the United States Emergency Declaration that Trump is referring to. 

This is probably the biggest news story in the world right now.

The illegal immigrants are forming illegal caravans - groups of travellers.

Immigrant Caravans are illegal!

Watch Google for News Updates on the State Of Emergency in The United States:

You are not allowed to form a caravan and use it to enter a Country illegally, the caravans are coming from Central America and then illegally entering Mexico, then meeting up with more immigrants inside Mexico and then the Caravans are growing then they are coming to California and then tearing down the border wall and invading United States neighbourhoods and killing US Police officers in California. 

Like 10,000 people at a time in the Caravans.

This is probably the largest story in the world right now. 

In California near the United States border illegal immigrant caravans are swarming US towns and cities...that's where all the California girls are with their make up and breast implants and stuff.

That's regular California with all the Barbie doll stuff there with the models and stuff, now their neighbourhoods are getting swarmed with illegal immigrants by thousands at a time who are tearing down the United States border near heavily populated Mexican Cities and they are pouring into US neighbourhoods.

There is video of this all over the internet, they are coming up to the US Border in groups of 10,000 and then making holes in the fence and then running into the United States illegally. 

That is the National Emergency in the United States, the Democrats are refusing to pay to fix the border walls / fence and are allowing illegal immigrants to invade Southern California. 

President Trump is trying to build a new border wall to keep out the illegal immigrants.   

This is video of the illegal migrant caravans entering Mexico from Central America:

This is video of them tearing down the United States Border:

This video shows the groups entering the United Stats in illegal caravans 10,000 at a time. 

Those are Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants, making caravans to break through the United States border.

Obviously illegal and must be stopped with a new border wall and increased United States Security, this is already in a state of emergency.

This is video of the State of Emergency being declared by President Trump:

They are killing Police Officers and are a threat to California Girls getting suntans because that's where they are entering the United States and landing in their neighbourhoods.


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