Saturday, January 12, 2019

Quick NHL Sports Update - NHL Shot Clock

Is The Toyota Ad The Location Of The New NHL Shot Clock?
Just a quick NHL sports update...I'm just watching the NY Islanders vs. the NY Rangers NHL game and waiting for the NFL playoff double header today and again tomorrow.

Are the advertisements behind the goalie on the glass the location of the NHL shot clock?

Recently, the NHL started placing ads on the glass behind the goalie. This is really getting me used to the NHL installing a shot you know I follow sports and make sure you check back later for MLB analysis coming up when the 2019 Major League Baseball pre-season starts in about two months, that's just after the NHL All Star Game and NFL Super Bowl, make sure to check back later for MLB updates this season. 

The look of the ads behind the goalie in the NHL really looks like the location of the new NHL shot clock which will make the game way more awesome, almost as awesome as the offside rule. 

In fact the NHL shot clock  is directly connected to the NHL onside rule, if you don't understand the NHL onside / offside rule that's what makes NHL Hockey so exciting. 

The actual NHL shot clock itself would sit where the advertisements are behind the goalie on the glass and would probably say stuff like "BMO Shot Clock" or something on it and have an ad on it for stuff like the Bank of Montreal.

The clock itself would probably be a Clear LCD Display that fans can see through and display the time on both sides not to obstruct the fans view of the game and feature advertisements by Corporations and Local Businesses.

The connection between the NHL Shot Clock and the On Side Rule...first, the point of the shot clock is to get the shots on goal up in the NHL because the shot counts are too low from the team on offence holding possession too long.

What the NHL would have to do is have an "official" like a referee watch the plays in the offensive  zone and determine when to start counting them down to force them to shoot by displaying a countdown on the LCD screen behind the goalie.

When the offensive team crosses the blue line and is ruled "onside" by the referee, that will result in a "scrimmage" or "battle for possession" of the puck. 

When the offensive team gains possession of the puck in the offensive zone, and "set's up" like on a power play at the blue line where they "square off" on offensive and pass the puck back and forth this is where they "hold possession".

That is the point where there are not shooting enough. 

When the offensive team gains possession of the puck and takes it back to the blue like and remains "onside" and begins to set the play up THEN this is where the official would start counting them down to shoot while they are holding possession. 

I would say no more then twenty seconds, to give them a chance to set up the play and shoot the puck. This forces them not to "hold possession" which delays valuable game action. 

When the offensive team is ruled onside by the referee, and sets up the play like from the blue line then they would be counted down to shoot by an official, like a referee that watches for the shot clock count down timer.

That would be a good example of when they would use the NHL Shot Clock, this will make the game more exciting, speed up the action and get the shot counts up.

The result of forcing them into shooting more will result in higher stats for players like goals and assists for shooting more as well as more saves made by goalies. 

That is why the NHL Shot Clock will make the game way more exciting, just like the onside / offside rule.


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