Friday, January 4, 2019

Visit My Great White North Records Tribute Page

Collapse-Destroying By Design - Original Artwork
Visit my updated Great White North Records Tribute Page at , this record label released my fist album and then closed breaking our contracts and ruining my band investments at the time.

To summarize, I took my album back and then reissued it myself on my own Record Label - Forward Regression Records -

Then I bought their old names on the internet to use as tribute pages to the metal scene at that time that people invested in and then the label abandoned their promotion. 

I am using the tribute pages to keep track of the albums released on it and to preserve my own investments when I did my first album - Collapse - Destroying By Design - 2006 - Catalog Number -GWN 020.

So the page is being used to preserve the old scene and people's investments in that promotion at the time it closed.


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