Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kentucky High School Students Receive Death Threats Over Abraham Lincoln From Native American Indians

Honus Wagner
I saw this on the news and my first glance opinion is that this is about Honus Wagner and The Kentucky Colonels in Kentucky plus John A.MacDonald and Abraham Lincoln. 

This falls under my talking out my ass category.

I'm just going to assume that Kentucky is getting a new MLB expansion team and the Native American Indians are out protesting Honus Wagner and the Kentucky Colonels from 1899.

Like I said, the Natives are protesting Abraham Lincoln just like here in Canada but it's John A. MacDonald. 

A fight broke out between Catholic High School Students, Black Jewish People and Native American Indians.

This must be because of Honus Wagner and The Kentucky Colonels baseball team, plus a Kentucky MLB expansion.

I'm assuming the Natives are protesting Abraham Lincoln to get a piece of the Honus Wagner Money from the new MLB franchise.

Then the Catholic High School received death threats like here in Canada about John A. MacDonald, only there in Kentucky it's about Abraham Lincoln.

I'm not sure what the Black Jewish people were doing.

Obviously, the Native Americans are looking for the Honus Wagner money from the MLB or something and saying Wagner is a racist, which he  probably was anyway.

The High School Students confronted the Native American Indians and told them to "go back to the reservation" a phrase used commonly here in Canada. 

Then the High School students were wearing Donald Trump hats and shouting chants from the Cleveland Indians MLB team at the Native American Indians.

In return the Catholic High School got flamed by the Indian Reservation and they had to close the school or something.

I also didn't realize how racist it still is down there in Kentucky, they are probably also saying that the Honus Wagner team the Kentucky Colonels was racist.

My theory is that the Native American Indians are protesting Abraham Lincoln, Honus Wagner and the Kentucky Colonels and saying the MLB is racist then they are looking for money form the Honus Wagner stuff.

The High School Students were probably defending Abraham Lincoln. 

I'm taking the side of the Catholic High School Students anyway because there's no way they did anything wrong, plus they are Cleveland Indians fans. 

Anyway apparently if you go around saying Honus Wagner and The Kentucky Colonels a riot will break out in Kentucky.



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