Sunday, January 13, 2019

NFL: AFC Championship - Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady

AFC Championship Next Week!
Next weekend is the NFL AFC Championship game between The Kansas City Chiefs and The New England Patriots.

This puts NFL sensation Patrick Mahomes quarterback of The Kansas City Chiefs against veteran Tom Brady of The New England Patriots.

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Quarterback in his second year in the NFL is an NFL leading quarterback and Pro Bowl selection and is leads Tom Brady in 2018 player stats, giving the Chiefs the advantage in the AFC finals.

AFC West Champions led by Mahomes finished over all one game ahead of the AFC East Champions  Patriots with the Chiefs finishing 12 - 4 and the Patriots finishing 11 -5 clearly giving the Chiefs the advantage in the AFC Championship.

Chiefs Quarterback NFL Sensation Patrick Mahomes
This gives Mahomes a slight statistical advantage over Brady in the 2018 season and puts the odds in the Chiefs favor.

Can a trailing Tom Brady come back to beat Pro Bowl All Star Sensation Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship?

This should be a great match up next week as the Chiefs play the Patriots in the AFC Championship.

NFL                       AFC                 CHAMPIONSHIP

Veteran Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady
My advice to Tom Brady heading into the AFC out for those offensive tackles when you're receiving the snap and make sure to get those offensive guards to line up a clear path when you toss the ball!

Remember, avoid those corner backs on the touch down pass!

For fans, make sure not to miss the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl January 27th just before the Super Bowl February 7, 2019!


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