Monday, January 7, 2019

Man Catches Wife Cheating On Google Street View

Man Catches Wife Cheating!
This is a story I recently heard, a man was away on a work trip and a few years later he was browsing the internet and looked up his house on Google street view.

To his surprise the picture of his house was dated the day of his business trip and he was away from home that day, in the picture standing in the driveway of his house was another man's car and his wife was embracing him and making out in the driveway frozen in the picture on Google Earth street view.

That's how he caught his wife cheating, the picture of her and another man and his car in the yard were frozen and date stamped on Google Earth right on the internet in front of everyone.

Humiliated by this incident captured on Google Street View the man left the wife and never went back.


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