Friday, January 4, 2019

Musician George Lynch Says He Rips Everyone Off

George Lynch Says He Rips Everyone Off
Musician George Lynch has come to the defense of band Greta Van Fleet's rip off of Led Zeppelin. Greta Van Fleet the band claims they may have never even been influenced by Led Zeppelin inferring they came up with their sound on their own in a separate event. 

George Lynch says that he "rips off everything worse then Greta Van Fleet" and he'll "see you in court if you have a problem" and meaning "good luck winning against him in court because he has really good lawyers who can get him out of ripping anyone off."

Ok, well I've never heard of any of the way they are saying they write their music, whatever. All these guys on there being pricks to the public about ripping other people off for their music, pathetic.



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