Friday, October 16, 2020

Anyway, I Complained To The Church Mission In Halifax

Anyway, the point to the thing below is I complained to the Church Mission here in Halifax, one of them, about the abuses coming from Ottawa and Halifax to the disabled and everyone one welfare.

I asked them to forward it to whoever was in charge.

Ottawa and Halifax fucking lying telling the cheque recipients that they don't get any money predenting Nova Scotia is right fucking poor when we're not.

All that money coming in from the Lobsters, Tourism and Cannabis here and they fucking think in Halifax and Ottawa that we'll go without.

I don't fucking think so.

Then I complained to them at the Church Mission about the Sunday Shopping Laws are illegal and the same government changed that in the court against the referendum which is treason by the Premier, Courts and Sobeys Business.

I figure since it was about Sunday Shopping the Church might be concerned about that.

So there is all kinds of fucking money coming into Halifax from all that local industry to provide money for cheque recipients.

Then I also complained about them blocking my credit from a bad student loan debt on Equifax which is also illegal and Equifax is over in the world.

Then I complained about the fake summons form the same government.

Then they are also abusing their charity and taking up all their time on top of that in a fucking pyramid scam and they have no resources to help the public.

Like the fucking government here gives the charity money right, then they use it to get free work done in a pyramid scam for the welfare office.

Then they didn't give out covid money or increase cheques and buildings put rent up against covid rules, which they change everyday.

Then you're supposed to go buy stuff for Trudeau to keep his economy going?

You have no economy, you are a pyramid scam.

Like do you get the idea here people?

The Lobster, Tourism and Cannabis money is for us here in Nova Scotia....

That's what they mean, and what I complained about.

British Columbia helped millions of people on welfare probably and Nova Scotia got told to go fuck itself  from a pyramid scam.

All claiming there's no money from all that stuff we have, plus we have a smaller population and more tourists then citizens and the government is stealing it for their staff, using our church missions in a pyramid scam and lying claiming Nova Scotia is poor when it is the main part of Canada and is rich.

Then they won't give out any fucking money.

Then you go downtown to Alderney Landing where the library and welfare office is at and they had it all pained with the lgbt rainbow on the sidewalks and they had to go write fucking "black lives matter" in paint on the road bigger than what is normally there, the lgbt stuff for a friendly area.

Then every time it's always some cunt coming down and ruining the area writing black lives matter on everything and and handing out free money to Indians here every ten minutes when we get nothing.

They're all claiming we have no money here, with all the industry and are the most well know place in Canada plus our own Country and the traditional Crown of The United States.

I mean who the fuck do you think you're talking to from your houses to mine at your fucking job in Ottawa or Halifax?

You're the traitor and liar, claiming Nova Scotia is poor and has no money for welfare or disability while you bleed our charities for those same people not helping them while to steal their services.

All while you in office in Ottawa and Halifax are flat broke out here and have nothing and you and your families and friends are all from the soup kitchen people working on lowest bidder garbage contracts together, so who do you think you are to me with all that and your back lives matter and fucking indians???? 

No one to me, none of you or your fake fucking causes.

Now where's my fucking 75% rent reduction that Trudeau the cunt promised me from fake fucking Canada.


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