Friday, October 16, 2020

NOVA SCOTIA: Threats Rise Against Ottawa As Fishery Violence Erupts

That's right everyone, there's violence at the fisheries again in Nova Scotia....and again it's the Indians fault for stealing the fishing money out of season with a pyramid scam at the government not helping the disabled during covid, or welfare recipients and illegal rent increases during covid.

Trudeau's response...

Trudeau with hands clasped, his face trained from years of call center training from the local pyramid scam at Convergys call center "We need to find a solution"....meaning he actually says "donate to my telethon everyone, so I can bleed the church mission and not help the disabled during covid" "Don't tell everyone Nova Scotia is the most famous part of Canada because they'll want their tax money if they find out and we're using it".

Fuck you Ottawa.


"On Thursday, the chief of the Sipekne'katik First Nation urged Trudeau to step in and make sure those involved in the violence are prosecuted."


As soon as the Indians call from their pyrmaid scam at the fishery he runs right out to break up the fight, but when a white person calls about the disability and welfare money he starts jacking off or something because he thinks we're afraid of Indians and Black people so he don't have to pay...when they are the weakest groups in Canada and we are the only ones here and the strongest. 

I'm just updating this as I'm following it...

Holy fuck man haha, the Indians lost their fisheries in Nova Scotia

See they said right in the article that it is scam with the government, then Trudeau came running right out:

Union Leader Resigns Because Of Threats From Indians And Pyramid Scam From Fake Government:

""I've been followed right to my house with my family in the truck at seven o'clock in the morning and people with tinted windows sitting across my driveway, you know, intimidating me and some language that I probably can't use on the air," Comeau told CBC's Maritime Noon Friday. "

According to my math, who ever is following that guy is gonna get shot and those Indians and Government leaders lost everything is a law suit right in the news and are all on their way to prison.

Just to let you know out there.....those people following you are from the pyramid scam, just open fire and start suing until democracy arrives in Atlantic Canada for the rest of us regular people.



You can't even believe how bad these Indian people are humiliating themselves in the news:

Indian Chief, who is white by the way, to Trudeau - "Do your job".

Federal Security Response to Fake White Indian Chief "No problem, you're under arrest for a pyrmaid scam and following and intimidating fishing union leaders and you got life in prison."


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