Sunday, October 18, 2020

DIARY UPDATE: It's Chaos Out There

They burnt down the Indian lobster fishery, they're all saying the government it's going nut's in the news again.

I must be getting church guilt or something from talking to the mission, I had all these crazy dreams last night about the Queen and stuff...I looked up the mission because I thought that's what was doing it, then I felt bad because my thanksgiving dinner was way better than the one they were handing out...I mean Super Thanksgiving at my house can't compare to catering at a church mission.

I think they were just handing it out though and not eating it at home, all that is the Food Bank doing that and local catering, I think the Food Bank is great around here though I can't complain about that. 

Anyway, the mission probably feed the hobos I'm complaining about...that's where I'm having a conflict with the Church...only because they harass me and all those government offices confuse you with hobos when you call like from St.FX and stuff.

I can relate though, I went to Catholic University. 

I mean it's not like it's all Harvard Grads down there, that's how the government takes advantage of them...if I was down there I'd just start hitting them all and putting the run to them...that's probably why I'm not allowed around any of that....I don't have all that patience they are talking about having. 

I realize that I am way better off than most of the people down there they help, but really though sometimes St.FX grads have to go down to that stuff.

Maybe the Provincial Government wouldn't be taking advantage of them as much if they had some higher up Universities helping them, like to put the run to the local corrupt government and stuff and help them get better catering for Thanksgiving, that might shut them hobos up for a minute if the University was down there cooking instead and the government was gone form abusing their services.

At least they're getting their Church building fixed up.

Here is a nuts news clip, by the way here is my new favorite Political Candidate in the clip since my horse got shot in it's third year Donald's Senator David Perdue you can see him make headlines early in the clip.

Just a moment of though here, if you down to the Church and make friends with a nun and talk to them all the of time is that going out? I'm mean that's as far as they go, like you might end up going out with them but they don't have sex so would that be the whole relationship? Like the nun, just something to think about.


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