Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Halifax Photo Tour: Brunswick Street, Barrington Street, City Hall, Government House, Province House Part 1

These photos were taken this morning, the main reason I went was to take photos of the St. Patrick's-Alexandra School which has closed and of the Little Church on Brunswick Street from 1750.

It seems most of the old landmarks in Halifax are from around 1750 before the American Revolution in 1776 when Nova Scotia was the Crown of The United States Thirteen Colonies under the King Of England.

Brunswick Street which is next to Gottengen Street is actually in really good condition and a nice area, I wanted to take pictures of the school before it gets town down because I spent a lot of time down in that area when I was a kid on trips and stuff and doing activities in the early 1980's probably.

The area has changed a lot since then, back then I was at the park and playgrounds a lot doing stuff with the school and that and on class trips and day camps probably. Back then we were there visiting all the time and I was probably at that school more than I realize.

When the school closed several years ago a girl was murdered and stuffed in a window or something and the murder is unsolved, I think maybe it was an old classmate of the girl or something who killed her and stuffed her body there because they may have been classmates or something and put the body there for some reason after the school shut down.

This is what everyone is complaining about down there, they wanted the school for space but it is a dump bad...that is being demolished I assume.

They have doctors and people trying to open clinics down there and they have no space, that is what I mean..the Province and City won't fund the area for clinics to help people in the neighborhood...they expect the doctor to build the clinic themselves for the area instead of the City doing it for them...pathetic.

Then they have no space and wanted to use the school, which is condemned I assume.  Like all the professionals here have to set up all the clinics themselves to work in to help the neighborhoods and everyone is desperate for space and there are no help centers.

I also went to Government House, Province House, City Hall and the old Union Bank Building.


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