Friday, October 16, 2020

Fuck The Nova Scotia & Canada Government Man

 Fuck them man, you know what they said?

They got the local church missions in Halifax doing charity work for the Nova Scotia Government for the case worker files at the welfare office.

Then you call right about an unrelated issue and they start lecturing you about not following your disability or welfare budget during covid when those groups didn't get any extra money.

Then they gave it to children, old age pension, front line workers and then they told all the disabled people to go fuck themselves for not following their monthly budget with the welfare recipients.

Then they put everyone rent up who's on cheques and didn't rasie the basic monthly rental allowance during covid.

Then they gave more free land and shit to the Indians, fuck you.

Black people and Indians standing in front of us all getting free fucking handouts from the government and no one else gets anything, with them taking our spots for funding while Canada tells everyone to go fuck themselves right in public. 

To the people that keep them there - us.

Then the Church Mission says they can't help anyone in Halifax who's on a cheque because the Provincial Government  is using all their money to work on case files for the welfare office and they are their main client the Provincial Goverment at the church mission, when they have paid staff to do.

Could you be executed for treason any worse at the government in Halifax and Ottawa?

All sitting around in their fucking cheap plaid shirts with no education eating pop and chips all day in a free car getting fat on tax payer money.

Then all you care about is blacks and Indians and your stolen tax money for your "soda pop" and free car and no one else has anything.

Fuckin die then.


oh right...

Then Nova Scotia is the number one tourist area in Canada, has the largest lobster fishery in the world and legal cannabis.

Now they are claiming that they have no money and that welfare and disability increases isn't available from that tax money.

Yeah it fucking is.

Yes they got the fucking money, all that tax money fucking coming in to Halifax and they won't give 1 cent to welfare or disability and lying about the tax from the industry here and using their charity for government work for clients when they have paid staff.

Then not handing out charity money to welfare or the disabled, telling all of us to not get anything with our own public money they have while they please blacks and indians and give us nothing.

Yeah, your free land and free houses are going to be gone fast fucking traitors on your fake government reservations from the soup kitchen.

Where's my fucking money at, fucking cunt government.


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