Monday, October 19, 2020

CANADA: House Of Commons Emergency Debate Calls On Police To Help Native Lobster Fishermen


The House Of Commons held an emergency debate on the lobster fishery attack on Native lobster businesses in Digby, Nova Scotia.

The Indigenous Services Minister in Ottawa ruled in the debate that this was the fault of local police who did help out enough to solve the issue.

As a result more RCMP Officers were sent to the region to stabilize the local issue.

Meanwhile in protest, Halifax restaurants pulled lobster off the menu in protest of the attack on the Native lobster fishery, resulting in financial losses for the Mi'kmaw Indians as their products have been pulled off the shelves in Halifax.  

The desired result of the protest is to allow the Natives to fish for extra lobster under a law that was never ratified.

The House Of Commons decided that it was best if local police handled the issue, but used the opportunity for a quick television and news appearance.


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