Thursday, October 24, 2019

CANADA: Thoughts On The 2019 Federal Election

Trudeau Wins Minority Government
Will Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party serve at least 12 years or more in Ottawa?

In the British Empire today the Queen somehow passed a resolution that the Prime Minister can serve as many terms as they can be elected, similar to the days of Canada's first Prime Minister John A. MacDonald.

What I liked about the election is everything stayed the same, like with Donald Trump why would you want to change horses mid stream if it's working and if it's not broke don't fix it.

With Justin Trudeau being a young Prime Minister I think he is a good fit to serve more that two terms in Canada and has a long way to go yet in politics.

Again, I am not Liberal but more hard line Conservative or Republican who would rather have things covered in a strict policy rather than take liberal chances with their free thinking beliefs.

However, several noteworthy issues have come out of this election that I have noticed.

In the United States Donald Trump runs a Republican Government that is more directly similar to my political beliefs but in Canada that is not being run by the Conservative Party with a clear example in the political failures in Alberta.

In Canada the Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau runs a platform similar to mine and Donald Trump however they also include a liberal platform in it to account for their beliefs like doctor assisted suicide which I do not believe in because I feel that anyone who wants to be euthanized is suffering from a mental illness and it should not be performed.

For me being Canadian means you have to accept that you will live in a Country that has your beliefs but you also have to put up and tolerate other peoples beliefs and let them have doctor assisted suicide to get things that you also want. 

From the Liberal Party I got many things that I wanted to have and I just ignore the other things I don't agree with like assisted suicide unless it becomes an infraction directly on my household. For example, I would have a problem with that if doctor assisted suicide was forced on my family then I would be in an argument with the Liberal Party.

In fact I am quite impressed surprisingly with the current Liberal Party and this election leaves us in Canada in a unique situation. 

A couple topics here the actual election and the immediate fallout. 

This version of the Canadian Government is a first time scenario in Canada, the Liberals won a minority government and lost the popular vote.

That means the Liberal Party has their "backs to the wall" which for me is a great scenario in Canada and something that we can operate in for good changes. Also the French Block (Bloc Quebecois) has retaken Quebec. 

In fact the Liberal Government practically won the Federal Election in Halifax and Toronto alone taking the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and almost the entire Atlantic Canada region which was great to see after the hurricane. 

2019 Canada Federal Election
The Conservative Party lost the election in Montreal and Quebec which was won by The French Block, who I am assuming is also my Political Party in Montreal.

So since I do not have an actually Political Party in Canada right now as the Conservatives have failed I have fallen under a section of the Liberal Party and The French Block in Quebec.

The French Block taking Quebec was the key loss to the Conservative Party losing them the Federal Election in Montreal to the French, also of note Justin Trudeau is also French. I would expect to see a lot of French material coming out of all that.

So the election was won in my opinion by the Liberals and the French Block...I would see that as one win and beating the Conservative Party.

This election was won in three Cities...Halifax, Montreal and Toronto. In essence the Liberals gave up their majority government to the French Block in Montreal which is also a similar party making them an "unspoken alliance" as two separate parties with similar beliefs which is what I fall under...Halifax, Montreal and Toronto.

In fact the entire Eastern half of Canada now falls under The Liberals and the French Block in Quebec with almost no NDP or Conservative penetration of the east half of Canada.

I still win because those parties are running my beliefs but they also run secondary topics to me that I don't believe in making it a good election for everyone in Canada.

The NDP and Conservatives have taken Canada west of Toronto and mainly falls into the Oil Field region of Alberta. 

This begs the question? 

Now that the Conservative Party has failed in Alberta and lost the Federal Election to the Liberal Party and the French Block will this mean Alberta citizens will have to pay Provincial Sales Tax since the current rate is 0%.

That is the main issue of the election fallout, right away after the election the Conservative Party began budget cuts of all government programs in Alberta which may force in a new sales tax.

The Liberal Party and The French Block will have to correct this by introducing a new Provincial Sales Tax to restore government programs in Alberta because of the failed Conservative Platform which will cost Alberta citizens billions of dollars out of their pockets as they are one of the richest provinces in Canada.

All that is on the news about the Alberta budget cuts and they are the only Province with no sales tax although they still have the GST tax. 

Also of note is the Canadian Territories do not have to pay sales tax because they are not provinces so their budgets must be covered. 

Provincial sales tax does not apply to Territories like the Yukon, Nuavut or North West Territories and a "Territory Sales Tax" may be on the horizon to go with the Alberta Provincial sales tax because of the Conservative budget failures.

Other notes of interest of the election fallout is a disabled female athlete who was 40 had assisted suicide and marijuana edibles became legal in the last month around the election.  

Finally what is a Minority Government that lost the popular vote?

The Liberal won the most seats in the Parliament however do not out seat all parties combined, that is the minority government.

The popular vote means that in Canada to vote for the Prime Minister candidate you have to vote for your local representative.

In the outer regions where the Conservative Party took more votes these votes do not count as seats in Ottawa because they are "excess votes" in the ridings.

Remote areas have leftover votes that do not account for enough people to have a new seat placed in Ottawa.

What that means is they would all have 1.23 votes per seat and the 0.23 is not enough people to make a new seat n Ottawa so they are included in the main seat, that is a fair and balanced system.

That means that remote ridings have more votes per seat because they have less people, but not enough to make a new riding so the Popular Vote is not the Riding Seats but the "excess" votes per seat in remote areas because they are not enough. to create new riding for a new seat in the Parliment in Ottawa, that is where the Conservative Party won the popular vote like in Alberta.


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