Friday, October 11, 2019

Something Strange Happened To Me At The Grocery Store

Do You Have Shopping Confusion?
Recently there have been some hard times here in the big city, I mean with the Hurricane and all that. So I had some food from the Sobeys store bakery and I haven't eaten there in a long time. The word on the street is everyone downtown thinks that "Sobeys sucks". 

Yeah so I haven't eaten there in a while and don't shop there then I had some of their food, it tastes like they made it in their kitchen at home and are selling in the store bakery. That's what someone told me and then I had they have these crazy recipes in their bakery like cinnamon rolls that taste like they have coffee in them and are super strong and stuff like raisin and walnut bread, like it sounds like they made that at home.

So if you don't eat there in a while and go back and try it then it tastes like they made it at home and sell in in the bakery. Anyway, it's not very good.

I went down to the store, not Sobeys, to get some stuff I needed for Thanksgiving dinner and something strange happened. I only wanted to spent $15 on stuff like pickles, cranberries and beets and stuff to limit myself  to a budget and when I went there I got my stuff and had to put something back. 

Like I couldn't get it all because I didn't bring enough money and I had to put back my extra gravy cans so I could get cranberries, beets and mustard pickles to go with my turkey. Now I have to go back later and get fresh carrots because I forgot about them I didn't bring enough money.

I think I may have shopping confusion, I mean I only wanted to get $15 dollars worth of pickles, beets, cranberries, carrots, gravey and corn and they didn't have it at the store.

Now I have to go back later to get carrots, I also wanted to cook my Turkey tomorrow on Saturday and now I may not be ready in time because I couldn't get all my sides for $15. That's puts Thanksgiving up to like $50 for one meal for like just a couple people, then I was gonna eat left overs on Sunday.

Now I don't know what's happening because of my shopping confusion, and get this....not only all that you may have to start bringing your own bag to the grocery store now because the stores here can't afford to stock free bags for customers.

Like all the stores have no money for bags and now you might have to bring your own bag now, I don't know what is going on down there.


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