Thursday, October 17, 2019

Will The Cimate Change Bring Winter Oranges To Nova Scotia?

Will Halifax Produce Winter Oranges?
This is the big question...will Nova Scotia be manufacturing Winter Oranges since the Climate has changed?

The climate has changed so drastically in Nova Scotia in that the province may actually be able to produce winter oranges the survive the cold and snowfall.

Already in in Halifax Palm Trees have successfully transplanted into the area and are growing in the Halifax / Dartmouth area that last the winter, although newly transplanted or "cherished locations" can have the trees covered during the colder parts of the winter to prevent physical damage from wind and ice pellets.

On the other end Halifax may be home to the new development of winter oranges because of the warmer weather, these winter oranges are short season growing oranges and others that last all year in the colder conditions.

They also may be ably to put a light green house like enclosure around the winter oranges to survive the snow during the warmer weather. In parts of Nova Scotia the weather has changed so much that oranges may be able to grow because the weather is warm enough to sustain the plants during the snow.

Even though it is snowing, the air is still warm enough to support the oranges.

Winter oranges are a colder grown orange or grown during a short season, and may contain cold water and ice in them making them a favorite orange treat.


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