Friday, October 4, 2019

The Bake Sale

Does Baking Cause Stomach Cramps In Girls?
Recently we were making biscuits for the Holidays and this story came up, biscuits are the first real thing that I ever got into baking. My favorite part is trying to get the dough all fluffy so that they will bake up all nice in the oven right big, yet still not managing to burn them on the bottom.

No small easy task, a girl told me that she used to get stomach cramps making biscuits and stuff before the bake sale and craft fair because there were going to be other girls there. All night she said she had stomach cramps thinking about all the girls that were going to be at the bake sale.

It happened every time she said, the night before the bake sale when she was baking in the kitchen all the stuff cooking used to give her cramps just thinking about the bake sale and craft fair. She meant that a lot of girls were going to be there the next day and that's all she could think about, then the thoughts of all those girls baking in their houses at the same time as her at her house to get ready for craft fair and bake sale did that every time.

I mean she kept getting stomach cramps thinking about all the girls baking recipes at the same time, the same thing she was doing. Then she said she always has to lay down and massage out her stomach cramps from baking too much around the other girls and sitting with them at the craft fair and bake sale.

Then she said something about going uptown and then downtown but she was trying to be sophisticated so she didn't like going down town too much but one time they had this thing there and they had to go, that's not something she likes to do though she said because she gets cramps and doesn't like to be downtown...I still don't know what she means about that uptown downtown stuff.

Then she said she gets cramps so much uptown at the craft fair from baking and sitting around all the other girls together that she needs to get a little padded chair to sit in to sell at the craft fair and she wanted me to help her get all the things she needs and find a padded seat for her so she can sit with the other girls who are baking.

Like, because of her cramps and she has to massage her stomach and stuff and sit in a padded seat from to much baking around the other girls. I told her that all that seemed a little wimpy didn't it? Then I decided to help her anyway. 


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