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WORLD WAR 2 UPDATE: New Information Revealed About Hitler, Stalin & The Genocide

Hitler's "Cultural Exterminations"
This is some loosed based material from my jot notes section into my World War Two research, this is a little more organized but is some lose notes of key topics recovered by myself during my dig  into the history books that I never knew about and also not mentioned in the University or High School History curriculum that I have ever seen.

Like these are "stand out" or "key areas" of future research. 

My conclusion is that upon examining these historical texts is that World War Two happened extremely quickly with a volume of information so large produced about the events of The Second Wold War that much of it is un-researched or compiled. 

Like when you find a "key area" of topics not discussed in text books and begin putting them together a bigger picture emerges. The main point there is all the countries fighting did so many thing in such a short time that it wasn't documented in a proper historical context and "lost" in the body of material.

When you see a new key fact you can then research the new specific areas because the material is documented when you look but no one kept track of the from an "archeological dig"  perspective into the Second World War.

So these are overall high level notes for future research because the material is so large, I realize that this is a way bigger topic than doing music for myself but that is just for fun etc. but this is more of my main interests. 

Publishing these notes may help other people with their material and then more facts can come out, my History books won't be out until I'm like 80.

For example, people might still be looking for groups of people that went missing during the genocides of  World War Two but do not know they are gone under the "forgotten victims" section of the Holocaust. 

The Jewish extermination is well documented however other groups with less information on their people were "forgotten" people today might still be looking for that. 

You have to follow this blog for the background information.

At the end of the First World War in the United States they launched the first Equifax Credit System that started the credit boom that launched the "Roaring 1920's"...the roaring twenties are the background of the context in this post.

The launch of the first credit system in America that failed and caused the great depression in the 1930's is the same time period that the Jews and other groups overtook Germany after World War One.

So when the German people were oppressed after World War One that was during the roaring twenties in America, my research is showing that in Germany these same people with their new wealth are the ones that oppressed the German people using money from the first credit system.

The wealth of the roaring twenties led to new groups rising up in Germany who Adolf Hitler may have "caught" trying to overthrow the German Government during the 1920's, later they were arrested and sent to Death Camps.

The actual people oppressing the Germans may have been using money gained from the first credit system who used their new wealth to try and control Germany, when the stock market crashed in 1929 Adolf Hitler was elected President in the 1930's during the Great Depression to clean up the mess.

Those people in Germany from the "roaring twenties background" may have been the first groups to be sent to their death in the extermination camps. Like this, Hitler may have executed the "roaring twenties people" from America in the Death Camps first when he caught them illegally controlling Germany and oppressing the German people.

These would be the "core groups" of the population that were sent to the Death Camps from events like wealth gained from the "roaring twenties". 

Like the "roaring twenties" people in Europe may have been totally genocided and they were wiped out.  Thus, losing an ethic group of people with all their culture.

Everyone knows who the Jews were but do we? The Jewish population exterminated in Germany may have been a core group of Jews that were wiped out with their culture and practices totally removed from the background of outside.

Hitler's target would have been Jewish Groups who were controlling the "mechanisms" of large financial wealth generated during the roaring twenties when the German people were being illegally oppressed as they were "traitor groups" to Adolf Hitler and used no legal means to take power in Germany after the First World War.

Their large financial wealth from the roaring twenties when Germany was under war reparations may have lead to an "illegal" potentially section of the public who tried to take power with this new wealth from America in the 1920's.

I believe that this group was the first target of the Genocide by the Nazi Regime, to wipe out the core functionality of the people oppressing them. The Jewish group may have in fact been their entire population of their "ethnic group" that was totally wiped out who were benefiting from money from the roaring twenties. 

Hitler may have in fact "genocided" the roaring twenties group in Germany including 6 Million Jews and apparently 11 million other people...who are the "forgotten victims" of the Nazi Holocaust.

The genocide of the culture of the roaring twenties of Jewish and other people is not researched in the historical text books. For example the Jews who were exterminated may have been the "roaring twenties" culture in Germany and a core cultural group who were erased in the Second World War, you can see this effect under the "forgotten victims" section as some of there cultural references remain intact as I will describe and are undocumented. 

Examining the culture of the forgotten victims of the genocide leads you to see that this may have also happened to the Jewish population and that they were also a cultural target and were controlling Germany "illegally" some of them with money gained from the first failed credit system in the United States.

I will walk you through the timeline and then show the cultural references so you can see where the groups would be at, including the European Jewish population from a "cultural group" which was also  Jewish that was completely exterminated in the Death Camps and no longer exists today being completely genocided. 

Although the Jewish people survived a specific Jewish "cultural group" may have been completely exterminated that does not exist today which would have been the "core group" targeted by Adolf Hitler to eliminate their main opposition which is gone from the world today.

By looking at the culture of the forgotten victims of the genocide which is visible when you research it you would also have to say that this also applied to the Jewish people and other victims. 

Here are the key reference areas.

The Annexation of Poland:

When Hitler annexed Poland at the start of the war Germany was in an Alliance with Joseph Stalin in Russia at the time. 

They both met and decided that Germany would be allowed to take Poland in a Political agreement with Russia, Hitler and Stalin agreed that Poland's top command were "traitors" to Germany and Russia and were executed by both countries.

The execution of Polish Commanders was done by both countries in Germany and Russia who executed tens of thousands of Polish commanders and leaders, under the agreement Germany was allowed to keep Poland and commanders were sent to Russia to be executed by Stalin who he believed betrayed Russia. 

This made the region "two party" with Germany connected to Russia after Germany annexed Poland. Stalin would later say that "he did nothing wrong" by executing the Polish Commanders referencing that they were legally executed by Germany and Russia for being traitors to both Countries.

These "polish commanders" are one of the first "groups" to be genocided during the Holocaust. 

They are also referencing that Joseph Stalin the "dictator" of Russia who was in fact from the Country of Georgia which was a Russian State in the Soviet Union could barely speak Russian and talked with a think accent when addressing the issues in Russia as he never had to use the words before to describe what was happening with Hitler in Germany.

The reference in the material that can all be looked up but is to long right now to cite properly is that Joseph Stalin may have been illegally in power from the Soviet Satellite state of the Country of Georgia.

Adolf Hitler made Joseph Stalin agree with him over Poland that their leadership were traitors to Germany and Russia and they were executed by both Countries and Germany kept Poland, after this Adolf Hitler took control of the Polish Military.  

Germany then in an agreement with Russia began draining Oil and Resources for the Wehrmacht the Infantry Units of Adolf Hitler to power the Nazi Army.

In the text books Hitler then drained Russia's resources after annexing Poland to seize the rest of Europe and invade France. Also after this Hitler then only fought Western Russia in the "Georgia Region" of Stalin's origins where all the fighting took place when Hitler later invaded Russia.

Again, they are caught in the text books doing the same things over and over...making Hitler look more and more like an United States operation under the disguise of Nazi Germany. 

In fact, if you take the perspective of the United States in the Second World War then the war ended for America when Hitler took Paris, France.

When you look at the material the main section of the war was over by the time Hitler took Paris, France laying the blueprint down for the creation of the European Union and the United Nations in Europe. 

In fact Hitler humiliated France by making them sign over the Country in a mock ceremony on video in the famous rail car where world war one treaty was signed the their leadership was executed Hitler blew up the rail car up with dynamite. 

That today is the establishment of the European Union which was kept by the United States and it's allies.

In fact Hitler may have been gone from Europe after the signing in Paris, France and all the video clips of him during the war may be staged, including footage that was supposed to be Germany and Russia in the winter in the German Alps but may in fact have been filmed in Canada in the rockies during the winter in some clips because it looks like they are in Canada, and the footage is staged after the United States enters the war.

However, you can't tell for sure. The clips of Adolf Hitler in the German Alps look an awful lot like Canada in a lot of the clips and could have been filmed during the United States invasion of Europe and just go along with the war and are staged for the United States invasion if Hitler was in fact an operation from the United States like many people believe.

After Hitler took Paris the rest of the war is just trivial fighting, as that was the main conclusion to the war. From the United States perspective the bulk of the war took place up to Hitler unifying Europe after that the war was over for the United States because that is the European Union today. 

Then Hitler may have left and the United States invaded to clean up what was left of the fighting that was unaccounted for by Hitler.

Time and again in the History books they are caught doing the same thing, it's a bunch of smaller groups in chaos and confusion in a world war all fighting each other and getting massacred, after all the small groups were gone in the early years of the fighting the United States and Russia walked in and cleaned it up to make the European Union and Soviet Union.

At this point this goes in a bunch of different but similar directions:

Every time during the war the first resistance against Germany, including Poland, was done on horse back against Hitler's tanks and they were all massacred. 

The first armies of the smaller divisions against Hitler were given no weapons or supplies and only 1 Rifle for every two to four people and were told to charge the Nazi's on horseback with no equipment to be slaughtered from orders by their own Governments.  

That is the entire first section of the war up until Hitler takes Paris, France and the United States enters the war "officially".

Like this Polish soldiers were slaughtered on horseback by Hitler's army with no weapons against tanks when he invaded Poland. The same thing happened again when Hitler invaded Russia using their own resources given to them by Joseph Stalin. 

That time is was the Bolsheviks who stormed Hitler with no weapons on horseback from Stalin's home region who were slaughtered with no weapons.

When you examine World War Two from this perspective you find out that the main section of the war was fought against Hitler on horseback with no weapons against Germany's tanks when he took Europe, that is today's European Union.

The rest of the fighting is just the "trivial cleanup" by the United States and Russia after Hitler may have "pulled out" to let the rest of the soldiers be slaughtered after unifying Europe by the United States and Russia.

There are two Sections:

1. The main section was fought in the war against Hitler on horse back with no weapons by smaller armies like from Poland and Russia...this happened all over Europe in the first part which is the bulk of the war.  

They were all sent in on horseback against the "Blitzkrieg" and were all killed through out Europe during the Genocides, that ended when Hitler took Paris France. After the original militaries were wiped out on horseback and Europe unified that is when the United States came in with the "heavier weapons" to finish off the war and unify Europe for the European Union and United Nations. 

2. Hitler is caught doing this four times:

He recruited many people into the army and left them to be slaughter by the United States after D-Day, he sent his soldiers into Russia in the winter with no supplies and they froze to death.

He also did that again in Russia by sending his troops into the mud and they could not drive their tanks or equipment to be slaughtered all over Russia. So not only did he send them into the winter to freeze he also sent them into the mud in Russia to fight when they could not penetrate the ground because it was too soft, then they were slaughter by Russia.

This happened again in Africa, Hitler took sections in Africa and then sent them up to be slaughter by the United States when they left. 

When I am saying is that Hitler got his enemies recruited into the Nazi Army and then left them to be slaughter by the United States and Russia at least four times.

He let them be slaughtered in Europe after D-Day, then he sent them into Russia twice with no supplies, once into the winter and once into the mud. Then again in Africa where he let his African armies by slaughter by the allies.

Clearly in my opinion a United States operation from Washington D.C. under Adolf Hitler in Germany.

The war can be described in three phases.

Phase One: Hitler genocides and executes everyone who seized power during the roaring twenties.

Phase Two: Hitler then attacks Europe which was defended on horseback with no supplies in the main section of the war, they are all slaughtered and Hitler unifies Europe in Paris, France establishing the European Union for the United States.

Phase Three: Hitler then abandons his military units in Europe and Africa to be slaughter by the United States after D-Day and sends his soldiers into the Winter and Mud in Russia to be killed by Stalin...mysteriously enough Stalin dies at this time in his 50's after being accused of being an illegal dictator form The State of Georgia - possibly executed by the United States of America for an illegal occupation of Russia along with the Polish Commanders and victims of the extermination camps from the roaring twenties. 

The United States then walks in on D-Day with Russia to clean up the remains of whatever was left from the original "horseback armies" from the first years of the war and finish off the the military abandoned by Hitler with heavy weapons and artillery establishing the European Union and United Nations for the United States and Russia that we have today.

The Forgotten People of the Extermination Camps:

This is what I have discovered in the Historical Texts. 

Hitler may have in fact totally wiped out in the genocide specific groups of people who were exterminated and forgotten outside of the Jewish people who are extinct as a "cultural group" from the roaring twenties although the rest survived.

There are groups that may in fact be extinct today because of the larger "forgotten" exteminations of the genocides.

Here it is everyone, I have found a missing ethic group in the History Books that is extinct today.

Who are they? They are the Romani Gypsies. 

The term "Gypsies" today is slang for someone who wanders, however the original gypsies were a race of people that were exterminated during the holocaust. 

Everyone thinks that a gypsy was a real thing that existed a long time ago...well it was. They were exterminated by Adolf Hitler according to these pictures and research.

The "Romani Gypsys" apparently were a specific "bloodline" in Europe that you can tell from the pictures that does not exist today as no one in the world has their facial features because they are extinct, not only that their "culture" is missing from the background and was wiped out in world war two.

If you look at the pictures you can tell they don't exist today, although there are still Romani people this specific "Gypsy" group was completely annihilated in the Holocaust and their culture was totally wiped out and is missing. This may also have happened to the Jewish people as a piece of their culture may have been genocided that is lost to today's Jewish population.

However you can see "signs" of their culture and people may remember them. If fact today people may be still looking for the Gypsy's and their culture but do not know where they went. In reality, they are "the forgotten people" of the Genocide and are extinct along with their culture. 

You could say that I have "recovered" or "found" the Gypsy's they were Genocided in my research that are the forgotten people of the Holocaust, this race of Gypsy's is extinct today because of the Holocaust.

Just look at these images are you can plainly see that Hitler killed everyone one of them in their race.

Clearly a male Gypsy dressed like a female in Auschwitz

The Gypsy's piled into a room at Auchwitz awaiting execution.

Clearly from the photos you can see that the Gypsy's were a traveling race of "carnival people" in Europe like carnival workers who were telling fortunes and using tarot cards like at the carnival and also covered in tattoos. 

People may in fact remember the real Gypsy's, there are none left today. They were covered in tattoos and worked at Carnivals and stuff and traveled around telling fortunes etc.

Then look at this, Hitler and them made lampshades out of human skin but look closely....the skin is covered in tattoos, the lampshade was probably to illuminate the skin so they could see the tatoos.

Look at the preserved pictures of the skin from the is covered in tattoos.   

That is the preserved skin from the extinct race of Gypsy's who were carnival workers and was preserved by Hitler.

They were all tattooed from working at the carnival and Hitler exterminated them and made exhibits of their tattoos when they went extinct after the genocide.

Preserved Skin & Tattoos From The Extinct Gypsy's In The Holocaust:

You can clearly see from the pictures that the skin lampshades and exhibits is the skin of Gypsy Carnival workers who were genocided into extinction under Hitler and their culture was lost and does not exist today, however people may still remember them.


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