Monday, October 28, 2019

HALIFAX: Have Toronto Gangs Come To Halifax To Get Beat?

Are Pathetic Wanna Be Toronto Gang Members In Halifax?
Local Public Notice:

That's right everyone, they're back...the dirty little gang members from up in Toronto. In fact, they just showed up that I noticed and are all over the City humiliating themselves and looking to get boot stomped, plus a wave of violence is all over the local news.

My opinion is that all these people have a bounty placed on their head which I would be more than happy to collect personally, in the appropriate situation.

I saw them outside like every day for the last week in broad daylight right out of no where, annoying the public.

Like, one day every thing was normal and the next day all these little scruffy pricks were all over the area looking to get pounded annoying the citizens. Here is what I saw in the last few days, watch out for all this.

Oh plus I think they are those group shop lifting gangs looting stores in broad daylight, notice to them directly...I will remove your head if you approach me with local violence.

They're all out "slinking around" all the women in Halifax trying to talk sexy to them, you know like putting their heads down and looking up at them with their eyes telling them how good looking they are right out in front of the public humiliating themselves trying to "get on them" in broad daylight.

You know the ones, they are the guys that come out bobbing their head to women and stuff acting right pathetic with their heads down trying to look in their face all covered in scruff and tattoos, "oh please baby, please...just please look at me for a second", acting all pathetic to women like at the Toronto Subway Station..."just give me a chance baby, you're so pretty"...gag man, no one would ever do that to a women. 

Acting right pathetic to women suck holing to them and then walking around acting right tough looking for a fight in broad daylight.

Then I saw them driving around at like 140 km per hour in downtown Dartmouth almost getting into accidents and running through crosswalks acting like a bunch of perverts.

All right out of no where this past week when it was right quiet and normal in the City..did I mention this was in broad daylight.

Then they all started sitting around town at the mall and all over the City telling all these crazy hobo stories and are covered in Tattoos talking right tough trying to scare the regular people around them saying they were dealing crack and on drugs all over the place, like they were intentionally trying to make the background of the City right scary with their friends trying to intimidate people when it wasn't there a week ago. 

Plus they all look homeless and are about the size of two pound paper bag of dog shit and covered in filth. 


It's the fucking hobo stories on them man that piss people off with the flapping their mouth off in front of everyone trying to make it look like a different city right out of nowhere. I'm sure you are all going to get beat up and arrested.

Then they started robbing banks and shit and assaulting people, acting right cool and stuff when they are the biggest losers I have ever seen in my life.

Bring all that shit from Toronto around me and start trying to rip me off looking for a fight and I will rip your fucking head off bastard.

Plus watch out for large mostly dark colored pick up trucks running intersections and cross walks, I got cut off by one last night near my house and almost had to have a severed head on a pole in my yard but the guy shit his pants and took off when I confronted him about his assault on my personal space at the crosswalk. 


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