Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halifax Shopping Alert: New Superstore With "Mall" In It On Portland Street

New Superstore With Mall & Tim Hortons In It
This is a local shopping alert before the Black Friday sales event, Superstore on Portland Street on the way to Sidney Crosby's home town of Cole Harbour has a new store in there full of brand new stocked shelves.

I was quite impressed with their inventory this week when I was out shopping, nothing is really on sale but the store is one with the toys and dishes and stuff in it like Walmart, you know the bigger Superstore with not just groceries.

Plus they have a Winners and Dollarama there, I also think Loblaws might have bought Tim Hortons because they built a small mall inside the grocery store and there is a Tim Hortons right in the grocery store.

I think the place is still being constructed but if you want to find some nice packed shelves with all brand new inventory that store has tons of brand new stuff in it with full shelves in a new store full of Christmas stock, if fact I thought it was Santa Claus hiding his stuff there.

I also noticed an error in the parking lot because there is huge fence between the Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart and you can't walk right through but it is the same business. You have to go around this huge fence in the same parking lot to got to Shoppers.

The point here is if you are looking for tons of new stuff before Christmas that store is brand new and packed with tons of stuff on new clean shelves with a full "untainted" inventory that you can go clean out before the big sale week comes because they'll be nothing left, like they had all kinds of Hot Wheels sets there and stuff.


Oh right this is in the "Baker Drive" area on Portland Street by all the car dealerships, as a related topic if you go to the top of Baker Drive that is Mount Hope Avenue, that is where the Dartmouth General Hospital is if you come from Cole Harbour.

That is new section of Dartmouth where they are building new apartment buildings and stuff, at the top of Baker Drive it is not zoned properly, this is the whole point...there are no "H" signs up with directions to the Hospital coming from Cole Harbour like at the top of Baker Drive.

So if you go to the top of Baker Drive where they are not properly zoned there are no Hospital signs up for Mount Hope Ave, so if you come from Cole Harbour on Portland Street there are no Hospital signs up telling you to go up Baker Drive to Mount Hope Ave to go to the Dartmouth General Hospital.

Plus there are tons a warehouses up there and garbage everywhere behind the buildings, not only that the Dartmouth General Hospital need massive renovations with a new large budget to get the building up to code.

Then they need road signs on Portland and Baker Drive to direct you to the Hospital coming from Cole Harbour.  


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