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Dinosaur Record Wrong In Text Books

The Gastronis Proves Darwin & Dinosaur Theories Wrong
This falls under my talking out of my ass section with some lose based facts.

If you look at the Dinosaur Bird Fossil Record the story of evolution and extinction falls apart, personally I think that humans have always existed and they killed the Dinosaurs when they needed the space for expansion because the animals were too large.

This also ruins the traditional theory of evolution, making all this look like a scam now. Then if you check their numbers on how old the fossils are then add like a ton of zeros to the end of the number because everything is way older than they are saying.

The answer is here:  Gastornis

The Gastronis is an extinct dinosaur bird they claim from 25 Million Years ago. This bird is from a faimly of birds called "Anseriformes". 

In fact today this family of birds contains 180 living species today and only some are extinct including the Gastornis. 

What that means is only some of the Anseriforms went extinct meaning that the present day birds could have lived with the Gastronis because they are direct cousins in the animal record.

Anserforms are a set of birds like Geese and Ostrich, the Gastronis was larger than humans. What that means is you can see on the extinct bird chart there is an error on the dinosaur list on the "medium to large bird list" like the giant Onstrichs like the Gastronis. 

What I mean is that the Gastronis is probably not a Dinosaur but a modern bird that went extinct and is missing from today's bird families and is there cousin.   

Size Of Gastronis
So from the 180 living species today the Gastronis is extinct possibly from being hunted by humans because it was too large to get along with. 

According to their own words in their texts either an Ostrich is a dinosaur today or the Gastronis is a modern day bird that went extinct, but that is the same thing. Either way their text books are wrong.

Like this...

Lets say after the planet formed, the materials came from a black hole. In the "placenta" stage of the planet when everything was underwater a set of birds developed called the "Anseriformes" they all came onto the land being cousins...the Ostrich survived until today and the cousin Gastronis went extinct in the recent past in the fossil record.

What the means is the Anseriformes could be the original group from the placenta stage of the Earth and never evolved, only some didn't make it like the cousin Gastronis.

Not only that Darwin is wrong because he only uses a "liner model" of evolution that one animal had to come after the other in evolution and does not account for a group coming out of the Ocean at once like birds that were all cousins from the planet placenta stage like the Anseirformes. 

The group of birds being cousins probably came out of the ocean at one time and survived until today in a group not evolving after leaving the ocean, the "larger birds" on the dinosaur bird chart that are bigger than humans are missing but are the cousins of today's birds. 

Skeleton Of Gastronis
They could have possibly have been killed by humans in the fossil record because they were too large to deal with.

If you look on the bird chart the larger birds like the Ostrich are still here but the ones that are slightly larger are on the fossil list are under the dinosaur section including the Gastronis which is a family of birds that exist today with 180 species.  

My theory is that the Gastronis is actually NOT a dinosaur but a modern bird in the Anseriformes family that went extinct and is a direct cousin of some modern waterfowl.

Not only that the Gasronis is illustrated as having black and white feathers just like other modern birds in the Anseriformes family like Ostrich and Geese species that are alive today.

That association comes from research in the 1980's called "Phylogenetics" which maps similar animal species based on their traits to associate them in families.

This is compared to the fossil record to determine what color the dinosaurs were if they appear in similar families.

The Gastronis was placed in the Anseriformes family and colored with black and white feathers in the illustration to match some modern birds including geese and ostriches of some kind. 

This puts the Gastronis in the "geese family" of modern birds with black and white feathers meaning that the birds probably lived at the same time together having come form the Earth's placenta stage at the same time.

Modern Magpie Goose

Illustration Of Black & White Gastronis

If you compare that to humans then on the human evolution chart which is totally bogus then all the humans, monkeys, apes and human like creatures all came out of the Earth placenta stage together and are cousins from the formation of the planet.

Some became monkeys and some became humans...a "non linear" pattern not accounted for by Darwin who only uses a linear model meaning they had to appear one at a time and not exist in a group.

This is wrong because statistically some species had to appear in groups because it is not possible for all animals to evolve on the same linear model. 

That means that Neanderthals could have actually been deformities or something, I also checked the human evolution chart and a lot of the drawings look like many people I see walking around today making Neanderthals bogus and probably deformities.

If fact, humans may have killed the dinosaurs after leaving the Earths placenta stage with their "cousins' monkey's and ape creatures when they needed the space for expansion at some point saving the modern Ostrich and killing the larger birds like the Gastronis that were threats to humans because of their predatory nature and large size.


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