Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Thanksgiving Holiday

Holiday Season 2019
I must have been sitting around by myself too long again because I ended up down at the Craft Fair for Thanksgiving, well not actually at the Craft Fair but around people making stuff for the Craft Fair at Thanksgiving and Halloween. 

Now my schedule is totally full with Holiday and Sports stuff for the next three months, it's the end of the year now and music is pretty slow this time of year except for a few new albums and like I said, I'm making a new pace for my blog and stuff.  So I'll be covering music and stuff still but it's not big right now because of the Holidays and everything is slow.

It's seems nowadays like Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween are the same Holiday going on for fourteen days in October, I mean with all the baking and pumpkins and stuff, like for the Craft Show and all that. 

It's like I ended up swamped in Thanksgiving Holiday stuff that lasts for all of October or something then Halloween not to mention next month is American Thanksgiving and I like to do that too, then Christmas and New Years.

If you don't live in a big city near a large shopping area like I do maybe you don't realize that, here in the city it's all shopping and holiday stuff for all of October - December and it's like one giant holiday with a bunch of huge dinners in it.  

Now there's all this craft fair stuff going on with people making Thanksgiving and later Christmas stuff plus making fudge and all these cookies and pies and stuff, then like four Turkey dinners in three months and non stop holiday stuff coming at you.

Not only that it is the MLB Playoffs and the start of NFL and NHL Season, that makes October one of my favorite months, so I'm slowing my pages down a bit for now because of all the sports and holiday stuff.

The best part is Halifax is pretty close to the United States and it's like there's two Thanksgivings here anyway. 

People ask...what's with two Thanksgivings anyway? Well the first one is for October for Thanksgiving and Halloween and all that craft fair and cooking stuff, the second one is in the United States for November and Christmas and that is the big Holiday Shopping Sale season with all the United States festivities and the Black Friday Sales event, so you need both.

My best guess is that there are two Thanksgivings because in Atlantic Canada the "harvest season" is earlier so they have Thanksgiving in October. In the United States they have warmer weather in the South so they have a later "harvest season" potentially in some places so they celebrate Thanksgiving later, that probably came from Colonial Times when Nova Scotia and New England were the same place.

Halifax is mixed right into the middle of that and it's like we have double holiday everything here now.


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