Sunday, October 13, 2019

I Have A New Free Recipe Out For Thanksgiving

Double Fluffy Biscuits With Cranberry Sauce
We did it again everyone, we made a new recipe when we were baking for Thanksgiving, maybe it can be added to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. A original recipe can be an adaption of another recipe, that is what this is.

The new recipe is Double Fluffy Biscuits with Butter and Cranberry Sauce in the Microwave.

This is a secret recipe we just made for Thanksgiving, you have to know how to bake biscuits already  to make the recipe, these are the best biscuits ever. 

You need 1/2 Cup of Flour and 1/4 Cup of Milk per biscuit then add some sugar and they should be 1 inch thick when you roll them out and bake for 15 Minutes at 425 Degrees,then let cool to brown. 

Let the biscuits cool and then cut in half, add butter and top with cranberries and then microwave for 30 seconds to1  minute.

They are the best biscuits ever.

The Story Of Double Fluffy Biscuits with Butter and Cranberry Sauce in the Microwave

Thanksgiving and the fall in Atlantic Canada always reminded me of old muscle cars, girls used to take me out in the woods when I was a teenager to look at them, you know the ones stored in old barns and stuff, I used to do that all the time in the Fall around Thanksgiving.

We decided to drive out of the city in an old 60's black convertible of some kind you know one of them old huge gas guzzlers that someone had. Our plan was to go to a truck stop diner and steal their biscuit recipe because we just started baking and wanted to get a good one.

I was telling some girls that I used to go out it the woods at Thanksgiving to look at old cars and stuff with these other girls I knew a long time ago. They said they liked doing that stuff do and got an old convertible and took me out to this diner way out of the city to steal a biscuit recipe.

We went way out like when you drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to this old truck stop diner to get a recipe, I mean we were just doing that with the old car and stuff for show like in a movie or something.

Anyway, we decided to crash this diner scene and walk in and start showing off acting like we were right important from Hollywood or something and all we could afford was this old car.

We got some diner coffee and one of the girls I was with started asking about biscuits at the diner, they were super good it turns out, anyway I don't know but I think she had a line on them in advance.

So told the waitress we were looking for a good biscuit recipe and asked her if we could have the one from the diner. She said yes and said that "she and the baker and the cook needed it to"...she also said she liked the girl I was with's frosted blonde hair and huge pink designer sunglasses. 

We had something to eat just regular like steak and french fries just to fit in while we pretended we were right big from Hollywood and got the recipe. The waitress gave us the recipe and we also bought some biscuits with our dinner.

Later when we got back I put the cranberry sauce in the freezer to chill it for those girls I was with, then I forgot about it in the freezer and then can froze.

We made the double fluffy biscuits earlier, they are huge, and then we wanted frozen cranberries on top of our biscuits. We cut the biscuits in half and buttered them and topped them with frozen cranberry sauce, that was slightly melted then heated them up in the microwave. 

That is what happened.


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