Tuesday, June 8, 2021

New Three Dimensional Television Picture Design

Here is where technology is today...

They can now make the three dimensional picture for like the hologram picture from Star Wars, like the message R2-D2 plays out of his projector in the Star Wars Movie.

Now think about it, still no free phones or internet yet...plus nothing but scams from the government.

This might be hard to explain...but just imagine it.

The current televisions are flat....the new one is being put back into a three dimensional box, but in the center it is just a floating three dimensional picture....like a projector playing a three dimensional picture in the box.

This would be light weight or even foldable  because there is no picture tube or LCD screen which has been removed.

Picture it like a movie theater picture only in a box with four sides playing the picture three dimensionally instead floating in the air.

Here's how it works....it has two posts one on the left and one on the right with projector lights on them, then on the floor of the television there is a third projector that points up.

The three beams of light when hit each other...one from the left post and one from the right post projected at each other, and the third projector projects up into the created light beam from the first two projectors.

So everyone knows what a pixel is on a computer screen.

Pixels are flat...it's a flat square box made of colors...now on the new one they are going to convert the flat pixel into a three dimensional box. 

So the new digital picture on the screen is three dimensional boxes for each pixel instead of flat making the picture 3D.

The pixel is then converted from a square to a cube shape to give the new computer screen or television screen 3D instead of flat pixels.

Now when you look at the screen it's three dimensional pixels.

That is the theory.

Back to the projector....first they are going to capture one color pixel.

Then this has to be copied millions of times to build the new 3D projector for at home televisions or the movie theater.

When you look at the screen it looks like this....


Then the three colors will be projected at each other creating a "3D  Color Matrix"...in the air.

Then like painting a picture where you mix paint colors with a paint brush, the three lights project at each other from the left and right, then the third light projects up from the bottom.

Where the three colors meet is the "pixel location" in the air in the matrix.

That is the pixel capture.

Think of this....

The left post projects one color spectrum into the center of the screen, the right post projects back into that a different color....when the two lights meet in the air the color changes (from the colored projector lights) then the third projector pointing up acts as a "color modifier" projecting into the first two colors to "mix" the colors in the air to create the final pixel color.

That has to be done for each pixel, three projectors showing different colors into each other in the air to create the final floating pixel color...in three dimensions.

The deal with the thing is though the three projectors in the television set have to be made a tiny lights...three for each pixel...then times however many colors they are using in the film.

Then the film has to be mapped from flat two dimensional to three dimensional cube shapes pixels to show the 3D picture on the screen.

Then this could be used as a movie projector, home television or computer screen.

Just remember all this is coming from Canada with these inventions here in Halifax, from St.FX University students, myself...who is telling about this from what I know about these research projects like this.


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