Monday, May 16, 2022

Diary Update - May 16, 2022

Now it's the reopening after covid.....I'm excited to hear today that the oldest announced person is 128, I mean for all the people who live to older age we're looking forward to this current group outside being gone and things going back to normal because lifespans are getting longer and all these down syndrome and autistic people assaulting people outside all die by like 21 - 26.

People used to tell us these stories where I am from how all their old friends went to jail and died years ago when they were young....well that's the same today for everyone, they all died by 36 or something and flapped around on the ground for ten years or something trying to come in everyone's house, maybe your mother should have had a kitchen for you when you were growing up?

Like, then they wouldn't be doing all that and not be dead in the yard at 26 like a bunch of people I used to know, like the ones at the youth center flaming everyone. People are saying those are the ones dying on the death table and won't be alive when we are older from autism and stuff.

I mean, years from now we just restart everything when they all die and relaunch original metal, as a note when I got my old box out and ran through the original launch of 70's metal everyone started dying in metal and I had to leave and shut down, now I just do underground.

So this past week we get the first fair on Main Street by my house at the Community College on Woodlawn and it was packed on Friday The 13th.

Then listen to this, every girl probably from every school in Halifax was down there and everyone was partying and smoking weed and stuff and then the group of people in the human trafficking in the news who don't wash and are covered in shitty tatoos all came down and starting fighting with everyone.

I think every girl in Halifax kicked the shit out of them and there was this big fight and the cops came down with like seven cars and wouldn't leave the fair and were harassing all the people at the carnival like they were doing something.

HAHAHAHAHAHH, I mean what's with the fucking public service around they get this fistfight from these cunt kidnappers in the news and the cops down down and harass the girls all night watching them and annoying everyone.

What the fuck are you people for anyway?

Then I'm out at the fair with like 6000 girls there and then that came up with the same pricks and the bums all had to run down..."Jason's at the carnival with a bunch of girls after he got divorced and they're all out having fun and we're not allowed going anymore because he banned us from his party!...Let's all go down and start a fist fight so the cops can watch the girls all night and harass them so they can't fuck at the party."

HAHAHAHHA, die loser....It went right in her fucking prick.

Jealous little pricks coming down to the fair fighting and bringing the cops with them so the girls can't fuck haahahha.

Then there were like multiple marriage annulments because the husbands came down from the house being gay with a bunch of bums and harassing the boys at the fair after the re-open and tried to make the wife and kids stay home from the fair so they couldn't see people like me...some hot guy with an internet blog or something, and other people because they were trying to be gay, then they got divorced for for trying to make the wife and kids stay home from the fair so they could go with men from down town and harass guys and the fair fighting and stuff and annoying all the high school girls and they got beat up and divorced.


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