Saturday, May 21, 2022

RE: Smart Phone Data Plans

Paying for an expensive roaming data plan so you can use your smartphone on the internet when you are out...I mean, I just get sick of hearing peole go on about "I can't use the internet at home because my spouse won't let me so I need a big data plan so I can use it privately on the bus or something" like for their personal internet time because they're not allowed at home.


I mean, what kind of fucking spouse do you have that doesn't let you use the internet at home so you have to squeeze it in on a data plan on the bus hahahhaha.

Everyone else goes out to get away from the internet at home, like they don't need to squeeze their internet time in during travel through out the day because of some pathetic home life they have with a spouse that hates them at home and doesn't let them use the internet, you people are losers bad maaaaaan.

Just remember, when you're doing at that on your commute because you can't at home the spouse is fucking your best friend when your out. hahahahahahahahahhaaha.


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