Wednesday, May 11, 2022

RE: Creative Commons Band Release

Metal bands are switching to releasing on Creative Commons format on Public Domain release, this let's them release their music on free streaming on the internet.

That's their venue now, that's get's their name out then people can print and sell cd's etc and distribute on digital and do anything they want to the records.

It's an option I guess, I am on paid global streaming release with a metal ad network, expensive plus University.

The bands coming out already made a name for themselves as the first releases on Public Domain on creative commons because it's not a huge list yet but growing.

That will make a name for the band today but later tons more will be on it...I guess the upside is when magazines promote the band they can just put direct download of the song on the article.

Extrapolating internet conditions I predict that major label backed streaming services some will try and ban the public domain records from digital streaming because there is some scam running there like with artist artwork copyright checks which are illegal and have to be done AFTER the release by the complainant who has to be the owner to the artist first directly, then they have to resolve it without the streaming page.

The streaming service can't pull your record without a court notice, if they do they will lose a lawsuit.

There is no such thing as any service checking copyrights for artists on their pages, if anyone says that it is a scam.

There is a huge metal community growing on Creative Commons that I am checking out, the first bands on there went right to the top of the list, I'm really interested in seeing how this format develops because you can use their songs on your webpages directly and share downloads free based on the bands Creative Commons copyright release.


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