Wednesday, May 11, 2022

HALIFAX: Dominos's Pizza Closing? No Slices & $50 To Pick Your Own Items

Halifax Dominos Pizza now sells no Pizza slices and wants $50 for a works to pick your own items.

Hahahahaha, closed.

Meanwhile, Halifax famous "Pizza Corner" still does sell pizza slices like other local pizza shops...there was a different store on Pizza Corner and now that's vacant so maybe they will get a new Pizza shop so Pizza Corner can be fully open again, that's right behind the new Bank Of Montreal Center by City Hall.

Pizza Pizza who was selling slices is also on Pizza Corner but down one block on a new corner, maybe Pizza is expanding in the area.

Yeah, anyway a pizza slice in Halifax and a can of pop is still about $6 the same price as usual.

Not only that you can see prices starting to go back to normal in Halifax as they get rid of them "covid products" that they were selling instead of handing out rebates.

The other solution from "covid products" to keep putting up prices for no reason and not carry any services just didn't work out because they had no products or services and want full price for 1/3 partial products in smaller packages.

Then asking stores to bill it to staff wage increases now all the stores closed and places like Starbucks mostly left Halifax.

Yeah nobody wanted that.

It's also nice to see that the elementary schools over in Halifax look like the kids are excited to be getting a new school soon and maybe someday the Canada Food Guide to go with it at home since Ottawa abandoned us in Atlantic Canada.

Now everyone can see they did that to sell the above items with no services and they all failed.

However, you can see the new construction and everything going back to normal but you can tell it will be a while yet.


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